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Искусственные растения, которые просто не смотрятся

От экзотических искусственных растений, таких как стрелиции или бамбук, до трав и четырехметровых оливковых деревьев - в нашем интернет-магазине мы предлагаем вам большой выбор высококачественных искусственных растений.


Discover unique planters and extraordinary decorations on fleur-ami.com

With us you can order exclusive planters, flower pots, vases, decorative bowls, planters, artificial plants and artificial flowers easily and quickly online. With the matching plant pots and living accessories you can decorate your house, garden and terrace in a modern and homely way. Whether light objects for inside and outside, natural wood decoration, decorative columns or noble glass vases - in our online shop you will find a large selection of home accessories.

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Planters are real eye-catchers

Plant pots and planters come in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes and are a real eye-catcher when planted with the right plants. Particularly popular at present are concrete planters / in concrete look and wooden planters. These are modern, timeless and can be easily integrated into any interior. Planters made of fibreglass are also popular because they are comparatively light and therefore easy to transport.

Long live the diversity of materials

Rooms and outdoor facilities can vary greatly. To create suitable decoration you need design planters matching your furnishing and equipment. Herewith the shape as well as the size and the material are important. In order to meet your wishes we provide pots, vases, table top planters and bowls made of diverse materials such as plastic, innovative fiberglass mixtures, natural cement, ceramics, real shells and so on. Utilities such as inliner, care products, leafshine, water level indicator and florist supplies guarantee a professional greeneries and floristic arrangements.

Contract business

For your next project you need planters with individual sizes or made of special materials? Then please contact us! We will gladly work together with you and create an exclusive product according to your ideas and specifications. With the support of our international manufacturing partners we are in a position to respond flexibly on different inquiries and finding matching decorations for your hotel, store, office, restaurant or event.

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