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Tingo Living

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Housing is one of the most central elements in people's lives today. The demand has increased, the roof over one's head is to become the centre of lifestyle. The desire for elegant representation and stylish elegance dominates the world markets and this is where TINGO LIVING has written a piece of contemporary history with its foundation. Behind the creation of this unique brand is the promise to transform living spaces into living dreams, while paying attention to the value creation of today.

High-quality materials, luxurious and design-strong models and in addition practical functionality is the hurdle to overcome for more than 3000 items from the collection of TINGO LIVING. The throwaway society is currently developing into a sustainable and consciously living society and it is precisely this approach that TINGO LIVING would like to support. The production of solid wood furniture is not only a decision for the look, but also a decision for nature.

Modern, durable and sustainable - that's TINGO LIVING!

In addition to the strong and unique design, the focus is above all on making maximum use of the value chain. Whether teak or other solid wood species, wood is one of the most important building materials for long-lasting sustainability. TINGO LIVING focuses on added value and high quality in the design of each collection. Sofas made of genuine leather, handcrafted and designed jewellery for indoors and outdoors as well as outdoor collections made of the best wood characterise the company's style.

Presenting uniqueness while still keeping the needs of the group in mind is a balancing act that TINGO LIVING knows how to perform with each new collection piece. The traditionally shaped company has made it its mission to present customers with only the best options in the global luxury lifestyle. Its success proves the company right; already, the young TINGO LIVING brand is one of the leaders when it comes to diverse and high-quality design.


Midas Schale 31/18 cm, gold Midas Schale 31/18 cm, gold
In magazzino
19,00 € 79,00 €
Midas Schale 26/15 cm, gold Midas Schale 26/15 cm, gold
In magazzino
18,00 € 59,00 €
Midas Schale 23/13 cm gold Midas Schale 23/13 cm gold
In magazzino
12,00 € 45,00 €
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