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Trend: Wood

2017-11-28T08:39:11+00:0030 August 2017|inspiration|

Natural decorations with wood Wood is an indispensable part of our daily lives and sees its comeback for some time in furnishings and decorations. That’s why it is less a fast and short-term trend than a real mega trend. Wood radiates warmth and gives a feeling of security – therefore, it is not only welcoming and familiar in the interior. Wheth [...]

Decorating in white

2017-08-30T12:58:46+00:0030 August 2017|inspiration|

Decorating in white   In western cultures the color white symbolizes purity and innocence and therefore plays an important role for wedding dresses and wedding decorations. In addition, the achromatic and brightest of all colors is a true classic in furnishings. White gives a feeling of breadth and brightness, friendliness and cleanliness. Wh [...]

Summer, sun, beach & more

2017-08-30T13:15:49+00:0030 August 2017|inspiration|

Summer feeling for furnishings Summer time is the season for travelling and often we spend our holidays on beach and at the sea. So it is not surprising to integrate the memories of the last beach walk and a little holiday feeling into everyday life. And even for all, who cannot make a journey, appropriate decorative accessories offer stylish opti [...]

Artificial plants – more than just an unloved alternative to real planting

2017-08-29T14:52:10+00:0029 August 2017|Guide, inspiration, inspiration homepage|

Natural greenings with artificial plants Whether in offices, at home, in hotels, at events or trade fairs… artificial plants and artificial flowers can be used flexible and versatile. Besides they need far less care than their real models. But, what are their real advantages? The green fingers Of course, we are all fans of real plants and [...]

Teak wood: Comfort for the outside

2017-08-30T08:27:09+00:002 August 2017|inspiration|

Teakwood - a perfect solution for the decoration of outdoor spaces Finally the days grow longer and also living outdoors takes again an important place in our every day’s life. Gardens, terraces and outdoor areas are whipped into shape and prepared for wonderful times. One of the most sought-after natural materials when designing outdoor spaces [...]