Natural greenings with artificial plants

Whether in offices, at home, in hotels, at events or trade fairs… artificial plants and artificial flowers can be used flexible and versatile. Besides they need far less care than their real models. But, what are their real advantages?

The green fingers

Of course, we are all fans of real plants and flowers. We like their greenness, smell, freshness and diversity and we also know that they provide a noticeable air-quality improvement. Thus it is reasonable to ask, why to choose artificial plants and for decorations anyways? However there are several reasons for their usage. Everyone who has ever dealt with the care of plants knows that it can be very time-consuming. And green fingers which are required for a long lasting beautiful look of the plant are not always present. For good reasons there are professionals like interior landscapers, gardeners and florists who are well informed about the different plant species and their requirements. They know which care the plants need, if they tolerate cold or warmth, when they need some fertilizers or which diseases can inflict them. Therefore it is advisable to rely on experts on experts advices. The professional knows which plant can be used in which location and takes care of it if necessary.


A question of the location

However there are also places or premises, where greenings with real plants or floristic arrangements are desired, but not possible due to conditions. Perhaps the locations offers not enough light to ensure the plant receive enough. Or it´s too warm, too cold or just too draughty for real plants. In this case you won´t have to abstain from a decorative eye-catcher. And also the professional will recommend an appropriate artificial plant which is finally no less attractive.

The right care is time consuming

As is known a green flair does affect health and well-being of employees positively and looks inviting for customers and visitors. Therefore offices and public areas are still decorated with plant containers. But, after the initially purchase of a real planting, companies often tended to renounce a regular maintenance by for reasons of costs. And really often these tasks are delegated to staff members who do not have the time and the qualification to care for the plantings by the way. Or nobody feels responsible for it; they forget or exaggerate the watering. Then it will only be a matter of time until the beautiful, green plant turn into a sad, less representative rest. And the trouble is for sure. Therefore it is absolutely important to speak about the opportunities of a regular care in the run-up. If it is predetermined that the use of a service will never be considered and there is nobody on-site who will deal with the care, the one-time purchase of artificial plants or flowers will be the best way.

Sturdy & flexible

Künstliche Pflanzen und Blumen are very sturdy and need – except from an occasionally dusting of their leaves – no special care. Contrary to real plants their lifetime is not limited. Therefore they do not lose any leaves, there exist no fading or plant diseases and there will be no dirt caused by flower soil. Besides they can be decorated in locations of little light and temperature variations. Whilst the transport of real green represents a major challenge, artificial plants and flowers can be transported easily. Normally just a few steps are needed to pack them into mail able packages or on palettes. Therefore they are ideally suited for event and fair decorations. So the one-time investment of artificial plants and flowers is very profitable and offers many possible applications over a long period.

Easy planting with artificial plants

According to the plants and the place, the right planting of a plant container can turn into a major challenge and there are some things to pay attention to, so the plant can feel comfortable. In contrast artificial plants do not make high demands. They can be potted easily by unprofessional persons so that the support of a professional is no longer necessary. As soon as the required planter is filled with filling material (for example Styrofoam inserts), the liner can be inserted. Then the artificial plant or the foam with the floristic arrangement of artificial flowers can be inserted into the liner. Now some shells or stones can be used as covering and the artificial planting is finished in a few simple steps. However, also here an expert can help and undertake the decoration with artificial plants or flowers.

Qualitative differences in artificial flowers and plants

Even if real plants and flowers cannot be surpassed regarding their authenticity, there are also existing artificial plants and flowers which are optically hardly distinguishable from their real models and which also reflect the time-consuming handicraft in their production. Therefore it’s worth it to watch for some details buying artificial plants and flowers to finally guarantee a high-class and elegant decoration. Color accuracy plays an important in the color perception of artificial green. The eye recognizes immediately if a real plant was taken for its example and if the color mixture and the pigmentation orientates themselves on nature. Low quality artificial plants and flowers have a reduced number of leaves, often look bare and pale. The base of the leaves should be finished properly and unsoiled without any unattractive adhesive residues. Low-cost versions miss a finishing of leaves bottom side and leaf veins and the structures of the leaf are not faithfully reproduced. Also stems, leaves and blossoms are not naturally shaped, appear stiff and less vivid. Therefore it is advisable to go into details and to trust in the expertise of a specialized retailer …