Decorating in white


In western cultures the color white symbolizes purity and innocence and therefore plays an important role for wedding dresses and wedding decorations. In addition, the achromatic and brightest of all colors is a true classic in furnishings. White gives a feeling of breadth and brightness, friendliness and cleanliness. White painted walls and white furnishings allow dark and small rooms to appear significantly larger and more open.

One color, many options

A particular advantage of white is also, that it can be easily combined with other colors and materials and therefore provides a lot of flexibility for individual design ideas. Thereby, many furnishing concepts and home accessories show that the color white is anything but boring or sterile. White is very flexible, matches modern and clean as well as romantic and classic looks. In combination with wood white acts loosening and punctuates the natural atmosphere. In connection with cool materials like concrete and steel, white emphasizes the sober and noble style.

White planters, vases and bowls

White is independent of any trends: once purchased planters, vases and bowls in white can be decorated according to the season or temporary trends again and again. There are almost no limits left to the options; if colorful or tone on tone, reduced or opulent – white containers offer an ideal basis to stimulate creativity. Especially for complex floristic arrangements and special plants they can be ideally used to draw the attention at the flowers and plants themselves.