Open room concepts are still en vogue, so there is no longer a conventional participation of rooms and a transition between different functional areas of work and life define the image of daily life. Width and generosity are popular in both private and professional areas and offer especially in the latter case a lot of benefits. Open-plan offices encourage the exchange between colleagues and the communication flow, but also have the disadvantage of absentee retreats and higher noise impact. Room dividers can be a good solution if you wish to give large open rooms a structure and to create privacy which allows concentrating fully on the job.

Decorative and useful at the same time: planters as room dividers

Planters are perfectly suited to be used as room dividers and offer some additional advantages: Being a decorative element, they define the space both private living rooms as well as offices and create a visual and a noise protection in a natural way. They also provide freshness and thanks to its planting they ensure a comfortable room climate. Especially large, cool rooms get a cozier ambience through planted room dividers and they can be decorated depending on the season or the individual taste again and again. Available in different colors, sizes and materials they can be integrated easily in various living and design concepts. Additionally, the majority of room dividers also have a partition inside which guarantees a fast and easy planting.

Room dividers in outside use

Also for outdoor use room dividers offer a huge number of possible applications. As visual or sun protection on the terrace as well as design element in outdoor restaurants they provide privacy and coziness and – if equipped with casters – can be set flexible and creative. According to its size, room dividers can also be beautifully used as flower bed.

Planters as room dividers – a stylish, space defining design element for many areas of life.