Professional care tips for a new, lasting shine on teak wood, natural stone and the like

The starting signal for the outdoor season was made: Temperatures are rising and the sun attracts everyone to go outside. But not only the plants in the garden or on the terrace now ask for special care and attention. Looking at garden furniture and planters, it is plain to see that rain wind and cold have left their marks. The surfaces of the wooden planters seem brittle and colorless, the wood looks dry, stone surfaces have lost their shine and turned grey. Special care is needed to ensure new shine and to be ready for the season. This applies not only to planters and furniture that have spent the past winter outside. Even the just newly purchased equipment for patio, garden and outdoor gastronomy areas should be “made fit” so the joy lasts on the long run.

Teak wood – the favourite

KAYU and MODULO) are very popular and bring comfort into outdoor furnishings. Teak is a tropical hardwood that has a beautiful golden-brown color – if it is new. Over time, and especially when it is exposed to the weather, the wood changes and the formerly honey-colored surface obtains a grey patina. The wood also dries out more and more. To work against this process and to maintain the color of the wood, there are various care options. The Golden Care offers an all-round program that facilitates the maintenance of teak furniture and planters significantly.

Color Protection & impregnation

Particularly for the newly acquired outdoor furniture made of teak wood (Golden Care) is a nice solution keep the warm brown of the wood and protect it from paling due to sunlight. The (Golden Care). however ensures a water and dirt repellent surface. It also protects against unsightly food and beverage stains and is therefore invaluable not only for the furnishing of outdoor gastronomy areas.

From old to new

If teak planters and furniture have spent the last winter outdoors, the Golden Care by Golden Care can help. Often teak turn’s dark, becomes black spots and a lot of dirt could be collected on its surface. Normally you have to use a cleaner before using a brightener then, which brings back the original color of new teakwood. But the teak cleaner by Golden Care is a cleaner and brightener in one, so that valuable time can be saved and planters as well as furniture are quickly ready for use again.

Vintage grey for the garden

For all lovers of teak who want a change and who are friends of the vintage look, the (Golden Care) offers a great solution. Applied on the new golden brown surface of teak, it turns into a clay-grey color within an hour. After applying this Instant Grey, the usage of Teak Shield for subsequent care is strongly recommended. So depending on the personal style, planters and outdoor furniture can be color-matched easily.

Care and protection for concrete, sandstone & granite

Also planters made of natural stone or concrete need regular care to be preserved for a long time and to be kept beautiful. Dirt and moisture settle on the surface after a while and natural stone loses its color intensity due to sunlight. The Stone Cleaner by Golden Care removes dirt and moisture and restores a new look. In addition the Stone Protector makes natural stone and composites repellent to dirt, water and moisture. So you can schedule longer periods of time until the next care. Only for natural stone the Color Intensifier by Golden Care can be used, but he offers several benefits. Firstly it intensifies and deepens the color of natural stone and works against decolorisation caused by sunlight. Additionally it makes the stone repellent to dirt, water and moisture so that the color is maintained for a longer time. It also offers a noble wet-look effect without a glossy shine. So there is no longer any reason against having a wonderful and long outdoor season.


PS: The Stone Care products by Golden Care be used for planters, vases, bowls and pedestals indoors as well and guarantees for a new glow and cleanness.