Vases as decoration

Decorating vases – what do you have to consider and what are the possibilities?

Meanwhile, vases have become part of the standard furnishings for every home and are one of the most popular decorative items.

Flowers are still a classic gift for hosts, for birthdays etc. Therefore, every household needs at least one flower vase – because who wants to put a pretty bouquet of flowers in a glass or a bowl? Today, however, vases are far from being purely useful. Anyone who is furnishing their home is planning vases from the outset as a permanent decorative element.  Whether made of glass, ceramic or metal – they are a special eye-catcher and can be combined wonderfully.

Decorating vases – tips

There are many possibilities to put vases in scene skilfully.

Depending on shape, colour and size, they can be used in many different ways in interior design.

Large vases are often placed directly on the floor. Especially for “empty” corners a floor vase is very suitable. Decorated with large branches or pampas grass, it creates a beautiful ambience. The large glass vase of our series LUNE is ideal for this purpose. Small vases on the other hand often find their place on tables, sideboards or chests of drawers. Decorated with single artificial flowers, branches of art or narrow arrangements, they look particularly good.

Decorate vases with fresh flowers

People with green fingers usually prefer fresh flowers – whether they have picked them themselves from the field or from the market or florist. Depending on the season / season, the fresh arrangements can be adapted to the decoration as desired. But not every flower is suitable for every vase and this often presents a challenge when choosing the right flower vase.

Which vase is suitable for which flowers?

Especially with fresh flowers the choice of flower vase plays an important role. It is important that the flowers neither bend nor look lost. So finding the perfect vase is not easy.

Decorating vases

Our tips:

  • Tulips and other long-stemmed flowers look best in tall vases that are narrower at the top. This prevents the flowers from breaking off and makes them look beautifully bundled.
  • For flowers that need a lot of water (e.g. roses), bulbous vases are the right choice.
  • Large floor vases are perfect for particularly long-stemmed flowers such as sunflowers or lilies.
  • In very small vases or bottle vases, individual flowers can be decorated. Here the principle applies: less is more.

But also with artificial flowers, dried twigs, decorative woods & Co you should pay attention to the right size when choosing the vase.

Decorate vases with flowers

How flowers stay fresh longer

Once you have found a suitable flower for your beautiful vase (or vice versa), you don’t want to change it the very next day.

There are also a few good tips so that fresh flowers last longer:

  • If the vase has been used before, it is important to clean it well. Only then should it be filled with new water and decorated with fresh flowers. Otherwise there is a high risk of bacteria and other residues in the vase and the flowers will wilt more quickly.
  • Cut the flowers properly before. The theory that all flowers are cut at an angle is tenacious. This is actually only true for flowers with a hard stem like roses. Flowers with a soft stem are better cut straight. This way the water can be absorbed well.
  • leaves that are further down the stem and would lie in water should be removed. This will prevent them from rotting and the flowers from wilting more quickly.
  • A bright place without direct sunlight is ideal for a long durability of the flowers.
  • Change the water every two days.

The right colour selection for vases

There are many styles of interior design: Country, vintage, urban, minimalist, Nordic and many more. It’s good that there is an equally large selection of different vases, bowls and other decorative items. In order to remain true to his furnishing style when choosing the right flower vase, the choice of colour often plays a major role alongside the material. A squiggly vase would hardly fit into an urban style interior. Here a black concrete vase would be the first choice. White ceramic vases go very well with a clean look, such as the Nordic style. The trend is towards simple vases made of glass with a subtle decoration – modern, elegant and versatile in their combination.

Decorating vases – glass vase LUNE

Our must-have of the season are therefore the glass vases LUNE. The vases are handmade and are a beautiful eye-catcher thanks to their decoration. LUNE is available in different sizes and in three different colours: pink, olive green and grey. The vases can be combined wonderfully with each other and are suitable – depending on the size – for different decorations. While the smallest vase with a few beautiful flowers makes an excellent table decoration, the large version is very suitable as a floor vase with dried branches, long-stemmed flowers or decorative woods.