Vases – one of the most popular decoration articles

2020-07-16T13:01:20+00:0016 July 2020|Guide, inspiration|

Vases as decoration Decorating vases - what do you have to consider and what are the possibilities? Meanwhile, vases have become part of the standard furnishings for every home and are one of the most popular decorative items. Flowers are still a classic gift for hosts, for birthdays etc. Therefore, every household needs at least one flower vase - [...]

fleur ami® inliner: new bulk discounts

2020-02-06T11:09:35+00:006 February 2020|Guide, information|

fleur ami® inliner: now with attractive bulk discounts! The inliners from fleur ami® make planting more easy. Ideally suitable to line all kinds of pots, e.g. terracotta, ceramics, stainless steel or wood. They make pots leak proof and replace unappealing coasters. A timeconsuming and unsafe sealing with silicone or pond liner is not necessary any [...]

Interview 2019

2019-01-08T08:36:58+00:004 January 2019|Guide, information, inspiration homepage|

INTERVIEW 2019 Ildikó Schiller The new catalogue 2019 looks great again. When I look through it for the first time, I have the feeling that it is once again better than last year. Will you tell me and our readers how you did it? Test Test A familiar yet fresh look, that was our goal. We have once again brought the beautiful pictures t [...]

Green room divider

2017-09-08T14:00:52+00:008 September 2017|Guide, inspiration|

Great design elements for residential work   Open room concepts are still en vogue, so there is no longer a conventional participation of rooms and a transition between different functional areas of work and life define the image of daily life. Width and generosity are popular in both private and professional areas and offer especially in [...]

Spring cleaning for outdoor planters and furniture

2017-11-28T08:38:11+00:008 September 2017|Guide, information|

Professional care tips for a new, lasting shine on teak wood, natural stone and the like The starting signal for the outdoor season was made: Temperatures are rising and the sun attracts everyone to go outside. But not only the plants in the garden or on the terrace now ask for special care and attention. Looking at garden furniture and planters [...]

Artificial plants – more than just an unloved alternative to real planting

2017-08-29T14:52:10+00:0029 August 2017|Guide, inspiration, inspiration homepage|

Natural greenings with artificial plants Whether in offices, at home, in hotels, at events or trade fairs… artificial plants and artificial flowers can be used flexible and versatile. Besides they need far less care than their real models. But, what are their real advantages? The green fingers Of course, we are all fans of real plants and [...]

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