If you have decided on high-quality, usually somewhat more expensive products - from decorative plants to stylish garden tables - you naturally want to enjoy them for as long as possible. If you have decided on high-quality, usually also somewhat more expensive products - from the decorative plant to the stylish garden table - you naturally want to enjoy them for as long as possible. Consistent care is essential here.

You still need tips for the right care? Read on here...

Care products - which are the right choice and how do I use them?

Quality pays off. Not for nothing they say: He who buys cheaply, ultimately buys twice as much. So pay attention to quality in your care products as well. Don't just pick any cheap product from a discounter, but rather choose a care product that is optimally suited to your needs.

At fleur ami we pay attention to quality in every respect. The care products available from fleur ami also meet even the highest demands.

Teak is insensitive, but a little care should be

Teak is an extremely robust wood, which is characterised by high weather resistance. Even in shipbuilding these excellent properties are used.

Teak is always a good choice for outdoor use. Plant pots and garden furniture not only look chic. They are also very resistant to moisture and even frost. However, over time teak wood develops a grey patina. This does not reduce the durability, but it is not everyone's cup of tea.

With the products of the Golden Care series you can clean and maintain your teak products easily and effectively. In contrast to simple products, which usually require separate cleaning and brightening, Golden Care Teak Cleaner saves you one step.

The water-based, highly concentrated cleaner also contains brighteners. Discoloured or dirty teak can be cleaned and restored in one step. Your teak objects will regain their original colour without much effort.

With the water-based and solvent-free Golden Care Teak Protection Brown, you then preserve the beautiful original golden brown colour of teak. The preservation effect lasts much longer than an oil seal. Furthermore, the care product does not grease and does not leave unsightly stains on clothing.

fleur ami also has the right products for lovers of a grey colouring of teak wood. With Teak Instant Grey, the original golden-brown tone is transformed into a lasting grey tone. Afterwards you should treat the teak with Teak Impregnation from Golden Care.

The teak impregnation makes the wood water and dirt repellent. Even drinks and food cannot leave ugly stains on your beautiful teak table.

Golden Care Teak Cleaner

Stone - the right care is important

Marble, granite and bluestone have enjoyed great popularity as a natural product for many years. Dirt and moisture are best removed with Golden Care Stone Cleaner. With the practical cleaning spray, cleaning is easy.

With the Golden Care Stone Intensifier and Golden Care Stone Protection, you ensure long-lasting preservation. In addition, these care products intensify the colours.

Plant care, but how?

In order for your plants and flowers to bloom, grow and flourish magnificently, a minimum of water supply is required. But that alone is not enough.

Furthermore, your plants absolutely need a good, growth-promoting fertilizer. And a special leaf care product for green plants provides for special leaf shine.

Freshness for bouquets

Freshly bought, a bouquet of flowers is a true splendour. But unfortunately, the flowers often let their heads hang down after just a day or two. This does not have to be the case. With a few tips and a balanced mixture of nutrients and preservatives, you can enjoy your fresh cut flowers for much longer.

Make sure that your freshly bought bouquet gets water again as soon as possible. Cut the stems briefly before placing the bouquet in the vase. The flowers will then be able to absorb the water much better.

Change the water regularly. Remove the lower leaves so that putrefactive bacteria have no chance of spreading in the water. Enrich the flower water with nutrients. The smart and fresh sachets from fleur ami are particularly practical. The bags, each containing 3.5 fresh cut flowers, ensure an optimal dosage.

The nutrient requirements can be regulated individually and cost-effectively with Vitalife Cut Flower Powder. The mixture of fresh cut flowers and water is ideal for glass vases as the water remains clear.

The Vitalife cut flower solution is just as effective. Even with this highly concentrated solution you can regulate the pH value of the water and provide your flowers with sufficient nutrients.

The right indoor plant care

With green plants you create a usually very durable greening of your premises. It is very important, in addition to sufficient fertiliser and water supply, to maintain the leaves consistently.

The undiluted leaf-gloss spray from fleur ami is particularly practical. Vegetable oils provide a healthy shine, keep the leaves dust-free and act as a preventive against insect infestation. Furthermore, lime and water stains disappear permanently. And if you like it, you can even get the leaf-gloss spray with a subtle flower scent.

For bulk consumers, leaf gloss from fleur ami is also available in larger containers. A hose with a hand sprayer facilitates optimal dosage.

Care product for plants, leaf gloss spray