You don't have a green thumb? Or simply do not have the time to take care of your flowers and plants every day? Then artificial flowers are the perfect choice. In our online shop we offer you a selection of artificial flowers, which - thanks to their high-quality workmanship - can hardly be distinguished from fresh flowers.

Would you like to learn more about artificial flowers? Read on here...

Artificial flowers

Floral accents provide a pleasant ambience in both private and professional environments. With flowers or plants, your rooms will appear much more homely and inviting.

Fresh flowers with their wonderful scent and real, decorative and at the same time still air-purifying green plants undoubtedly have a special charm. But the green or flowering splendour can easily become a great challenge when it comes to regular care and the right choice of location.

Not all plant lovers have the so-called "green thumb", which makes the plants grow and thrive. Also, not every location is suitable for providing the plants with sufficient light, for example.

However, those who have neither sufficient time and knowledge for plant care nor optimal site conditions do not have to do without decorative greenery. Artificial flowers and plants are an ingenious alternative.

fleur ami has an interesting range of deceptively realistic looking artificial flowers for you. Let us inspire you!

artificial rose like real

What should be considered when buying artificial flowers?

Nowadays artificial flowers are available in many price ranges and qualities. When you buy artificial flowers, you should bear in mind that this is usually an investment for several years.

You should therefore refrain from using cheap plastic products. The flowers, which are usually poorly processed and usually produced by injection moulding, look anything but natural. Prefer silk flowers or flowers made of similar high-quality textile fibres. Your artificial flower decoration should be as close as possible to the original in shape, colour and size.

Making an almost perfect copy is extremely time-consuming and only possible by using high-quality materials. The smallest details, such as the natural-looking grain in the stem, gossamer-like leaves or differently opened blossoms are decisive in determining whether artificial flowers look like real ones.

The art of reproducing flowers as faithfully as possible has its price, of course. But in the end, it is worth digging a little deeper into your pockets for visually convincing artificial flowers.

What advantages do artificial flowers offer?

With artificial flowers you can give your home or office a natural flair in a very uncomplicated way. You don't have to worry about whether you have provided your flowers with enough water and fertilizer. It is enough to dust the flowers with a feather duster or a slightly damp cloth from time to time.

No corner of your premises is too dark, too cold or too warm. Simply place your flowers where you like it best.

Her artificial flowers always look "fresh" everywhere and do not wilt. Only if the artificial flowers are exposed to the blazing sun for several years could the colours fade a little.

But it is not only the ease of care that is a great advantage of artificial flowers. Allergy sufferers also appreciate the artificial, pollen-free flowering.

All these are reasons why artificial flowers are becoming increasingly popular for greening rooms. If artificial flowers are of high quality, it is almost impossible to distinguish the artificial flower decoration from real flowers. The only thing missing is the scent.

Artificial flowers in glass

Design possibilities with artificial flowers

The offer of artificial flowers is diverse. From the artificial orchid to single stems, magnolias or hydrangeas - there is something for everyone. Get creative.

Orchid and rose are particularly popular with artificial flowers. The beautiful flowers of orchids always attract admiring glances. Individual artificial roses or artificial orchids can be put in a chic vase just as well as a lush bouquet of flowers. In the extremely stylish vases by fleur ami your artificial flowers will really come into their own anyway and become a real eye-catcher.

Tip: Artificial flowers also look very decorative in glass vessels. Pebbles provide the necessary hold and the missing water is not noticeable. You can let your imagination run wild and arrange artificial flowers according to your personal taste with stones, shells in round or square glass vessels. Or you can choose the arrangement at fleur ami that matches your ambience.

Buy artificial flowers online - a good idea?

There is not always a specialist shop near you. Instead of driving around for hours, you can look around the fleur ami online shop for suitable artificial flowers and plants and suitable planters without any stress.

Make yourself comfortable at home. Let the offer take effect on you and buy your favourite pieces online without any problems and in a relaxed manner.