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The foundation stone for the current development of the blomus brand was laid with the founding of the company Scheffer-Klute GmbH. The portfolio once consisted of metal gift items, but a new milestone was developed in 2000 with the brand launch of blomus. Since 2009, blomus has been operating as an independent limited company and has become one of the market leaders in the field of stainless steel home accessories.

The company's success is characterised by its passion for elegance and style in the best quality. The forward-looking approach and the specification of products that can satisfy more than one generation make blomus one of the most important interior designers on the world market. When craftsmanship and stylish design come together, the result is a symbiosis characterised by quality and timeless elegance.

High-quality materials in creative combinations

blomus is now one of the world's leading and most important designers of high-quality and stylish decoration and has not lost its penchant for passion and precise craftsmanship. Industrial production has taken hold in large parts of the world, and here blomus wants to set an example with honest craftsmanship and maximum quality.

Stainless steel is the linchpin in the creation of blomus. As early as 1961, success began with the use of precious metals and today, stainless steel still plays a leading role in all of the brand's collections, symbiotically combined with a wide variety of raw materials.

Thanks to its discreet and high-quality properties, precious metal can be ideally combined with valuable raw materials such as linen, wood, wicker, concrete and earthenware. The result is stylish products for every area of daily life.

With each new collection, blomus shows anew how important the quality of decorations is and how significant the influence of quiet perfection can be in the creation of new objects.

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