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The objective of a brand is the most important step on the way to success. Sompex sees it as its philosophy to bring light into the lives of customers and has made this goal its vocation. Innovative lamp designs, timeless classics and other accessories have made the brand one of the strongest international suppliers of value. Exclusive and at the same time affordable lifestyle should enable people to make their living space a place worth living in with complete perfection.

For the international Sompex team, one of the most important tasks is to always keep an eye on people's needs. Luxurious lifestyle can only be developed if the wishes are on the table. And so it is above all the razor-sharp instinct of the designers that is respected and respected on the world market. With their fine sense for trends, the makers of the brand conquer the hearts of their customers.

Long tradition and still modern lifestyle

A look into the past reveals a company history of more than 70 years, which has been characterised by passion from the very beginning of its time. Each new generation inherited the desire to create unique design objects and brought their own skills to the table. The starting signal for a brand that is now globally widespread was in 1948, a time when few people showed such courage in view of the past war.

Today, the Sompex look has become an unmistakable sign of luxury and elegance. Halls, public buildings, private living spaces and much more benefit from the experimental design joy of the now third generation of lifestyle experts. The team of 30 employees has made it their mission to let beauty and light into people's lives.

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