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When the days become shorter and the evenings longer and uncomfortably cold, the best time of the year begins for many - the Christmas season. Christmas is the festival of customs and emotions. A popular tradition is to decorate the house and garden with candles, lanterns, light objects, fir greenery and other Christmas decorative elements at the beginning of Advent. Bring light, warmth and cosiness into your home with an atmospheric Christmas decoration. In our online Christmas decoration shop you will find a wealth of ideas on how to conjure up a festive atmosphere with glittering accents with a Christmas winter decoration.

Christmas candles guarantee a cosy atmosphere

Lightly flickering, warm candlelight creates a cosy ambience, especially during the Christmas season. Especially on the long dark and cold winter evenings, atmospheric candlelight is a guarantee for a cosy feel-good atmosphere.

The special significance of light in the dark season is shown, among other things, by a Swedish custom: on 13 December, the Swedes celebrate the Santa Lucia festival. On this day, the Queen of Lights, Lucia, parades from house to house with a crown of burning candles together with her Lucia procession to bring light and warmth into the darkness of the Swedish winter nights.

Dip your home into a sea of candlelight too. Let yourself be enchanted by the candlelight and make yourself, your family and your friends cosy in the "warm room".

The Advent wreath - a Christmas decoration with tradition

Candlelight also has a far-reaching significance in our country. In Christianity, for example, candlelight is an important symbol that stands for Jesus and the light of the world

Furthermore, it is hard to imagine the pre-Christmas season without an Advent decoration without an Advent wreath with the four highly symbolic candles. Not only children love the tradition of lighting the first candle on the first Sunday of Advent, the second on the second Sunday of Advent and the third on the third Sunday of Advent in joyful anticipation of Christmas Eve. On the fourth and thus last Sunday of Advent, all four candles finally light up as an omen of the long-awaited Christmas that is now to follow.

For a long time, it was unusual to decorate the traditional Advent wreath made of fir branches. There was only room on the wreath for the four candles. Nowadays, many people do not limit themselves to this. Often the wreaths are decorated with small Christmas baubles, bows or other accessories. There are no limits to creativity. Whether the decorations are classic red or gold or more stylish silver, purple or pink is entirely up to the personal taste of the individual.

Tip: If you prefer something more modern, simply place four beautiful Advent candles on a stylish (for example silver, gold or brass-coloured) decorative tray. Four candles of different heights look particularly decorative here. The purist is happy to do without further decoration.

Setting festive accents: Candlesticks or lanterns at Christmas

There are many ways to skilfully set the scene for candles. Stick candles look particularly good on the dining table in silver, gold or brass-coloured candlesticks. Pillar candles in as many different heights as possible can be effectively arranged on astylish decorative tray.

Very popular are also lanterns and lanterns. These are not only suitable as decoration for the indoor but also for the outdoor area. Even a breeze cannot easily harm the burning candles.

Create a cosy atmosphere already in the entrance area of the house. Two lanterns - to the left and right of the entrance door - look very inviting with brightly lit candles.

The perfect complement for outdoor lanterns are LED pillar candles, which switch off automatically by means of a timer after a usually 6-hour lighting period. The entrance area is thus atmospherically and safely illuminated.

Decorative Christmas figures: deer are on the rise

Angels, Santas, snowmen and also penguins have been very popular as Christmas decorations for many years and are therefore frequently encountered. From the small wooden angel to the illuminated Santa Claus in XXL format, there is something to suit every taste.

Even though the Christmas sleigh is actually pulled by a reindeer, the deer is currently even more popular as a Christmas decoration. Whether as a small standing or lying silver decorative figure for the table, as an illuminated Christmas figure for the garden or as a lighting tube in the shape of a deer - if you do not yet own a decorative deer, it is high time you got one.

The absolute eye-catcher is a deer antler as decoration. As a candleholder with small holders for stick candles, a stylishdeer antler chandelier undoubtedly outranks the common chandelier

Forget Rudolph the reindeer. Opt for a deer antler candleholderand you'll earn admiring glances from your guests.

windlicht-messing-glas-tingo-living-nubis-25380-001_01.jpg Accessoires aus der NUBIS Serie

Festive table decorations for Christmas

Christmas is the festival of lights, but also the festival of culinary delights. Optimal culinary enjoyment naturally includes a festively set table.

Nice table linen with matching napkins, beautiful china, glasses that sparkle in the light and shiny cutlery form the perfect basis for a stylish table.

Switch off electric lamplight or dim the lamplight.Stick candles in elegant candleholders, pillar candles on a stylish decorative tray or lots of small tealights instead provide pleasant and very moody lighting.

Do you like something special? Then place a deer antler chandelier in the middle of the festive table. Your guests will hardly get enough of the extravagant forest dweller.

Add extra decoration to your dining table - for example with fir greenery, glittering Christmas baubles and Christmassy scatter items. If you like it traditional, you should opt for Christmas decorations in gold, green and red.

Instead of individual fir branches as table decorations, a golden bowl with an arrangement of lush green fir branches and red berries also looks very classy. To avoid distracting the eye from the arrangement, you should then limit the candlelight to small tea lights.

Lighting objects in the garden provide that certain something

A Christmas lighting with LED technology is becoming increasingly popular. Don't limit yourself to illuminating your living room decoratively. In the garden and on the terrace you should also set glamorous highlights with chic illuminated objects.

Themodern light objects can be conveniently switched on and off by remote control. So you don't even have to leave the house in the cold and snow to make your light objects in the outdoor area glow.

By the way, moisture cannot harm high-quality LED light objects. So you don't have to worry about safety.

Lay comfortably on the sofa and transform your garden or your terrace into a sea of light at the touch of a button. With many light objects, the light can also be dimmed depending on the mood.

Imagine that the snow is softly trickling outside and that in the evening, when it is dark, you let your light objects glow slightly in the garden. A winter's day in the Christmas season could hardly be more cosy!

Very chic looking light objects in relatively plain shapes. It doesn't always have to be an illuminated snowman or Father Christmas. Luminous balls, luminous stars and luminous fir trees with warm-white light impress with simple elegance and blend in harmoniously everywhere. Both as solo objects and asarrangements, such light objects are true eye-catchers.

If you want something more colourful, you can also choose the appropriate LED Christmas decoration. Many light objects are available in multicolour versions. You can choose between different colours for a light object, decide on one colour or provide for a varied light staging. This play of colours can of course also be arranged by remote control from the comfort of your armchair - simply practical and beautiful!

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