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Home accessories

As so often in life, it is the little things that count and make the difference. In a certain way, this saying can also be applied to the domestic ambience.

No matter how spacious and stylishly furnished an apartment may be - only living accessories bring that special flair to your rooms. Decorative elements give your own four walls a personal touch and create a homely, comfortable atmosphere.

In the garden or at work, too, living accessories make a significant contribution to comfort. Lovingly selected, harmonious decorative elements have an inviting effect and provide a pleasant environment.

With the multitude of home accessories on offer, it is often not easy to find the right one. When you buy home accessories, you should definitely allow yourself time to choose.

Just browse through the online catalogue of fleur ami. Develop a feeling for what best suits your lifestyle and fits in best with the rest of your ambience.

Decoration with style - but how and what?

The range of decorative elements, which are intended to create a tasteful interior, is overwhelmingly large and almost unmanageable. Therefore, make sure not to overload your home with all those tempting looking things.

When designing your home, you should set some particularly glamorous accents that authentically underline your personality as well as your lifestyle and style of living. Take a journey with us through the world of home accessories. Discover the possibilities of perfectly setting the scene for your surroundings.

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Let it shine

Atmospheric lighting ensures unforgettable moments both indoors and outdoors. Whether candle or LED light - light objects always exert a special fascination with their brilliance.

On a balmy summer night, handmade lanterns made of polished stainless steel by fleur ami create a romantic atmosphere. Candlelight protected from draughts will give you unforgettable moments.

Even with LED ball lights, which immerse your home or garden in a sea of colors, you can achieve beautiful lighting effects. Control the play of colours by remote control and enjoy the atmospheric ambience.

With the stylish ceiling lights from fleur ami you can combine functionality with decorative design. Place the stylish pendant lamps above the dining table or the living room table and enjoy the combination of cosy light and great looks.

wood decoration, branches of wood

Wooden living accessories - a guarantee for comfort

It is not without reason that wood has always been one of the most popular materials in the furnishing sector. The natural material looks fantastic and also feels extremely pleasant to touch.

The trend to bring more nature into the home is also clearly visible in the area of home accessories. With decorative elements in warm wood tones, you can give your four walls a high degree of comfort.

Real branches, twigs and driftwood are particularly popular as interior decoration at present. As a single object or in combination with plants these unique pieces become a great eye-catcher.

Those who prefer the extravagant will be delighted by naturally grown liana sculptures. You can purchase this extraordinary living accessory in the decoration online shop of fleur ami either with or without a stand as table decoration or wall decoration.

Just put some stones in your way - at least decorative stones!

Decorative stones are available in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes. As a design element for indoor and outdoor use, there is hardly any way around these versatile stones.

Especially in the garden area there are many fields of application. For example, decorative gravel is very popular for covering flower beds.

Get creative. Lay patterns of stones of different colours and shapes on paths and flower beds. Or create a bed consisting only of stones.

In the interior, arrangements of decorative stones in combination with plants or flowers look beautiful. Let your imagination run free. Glass vessels look particularly chic, in which you can arrange pink orchids with white stones or red roses with shiny black stones.

Browse the decoration shop of fleur ami. Here you will find a wide selection of beautiful decorative stones.

Vases and bowls are an eye-catcher even without flowers and plants

Vases and bowls are the living accessories par excellence. But don't degrade them to simple containers for flowers and plants that disappear into the cupboard after use.

There are so many chic vases and bowls in different sizes, shapes and colours as well as in different materials, which are an eye-catcher in themselves. With exclusive vases in gold and silver, bowls made of precious metal, black polished vases of special elegance, glass vases in beautiful shades and many other vessels you can set wonderful accents.

The range of vases and bowls is almost inexhaustible. The best thing is to take your time and have a look around fleur ami. Buying home accessories online offers many advantages. Uninfluenced and undisturbed, you can be inspired and let the offer work for you.

Vases and bowls as decoration

wooden columns - ideal for presenting decorative objects

A chic wooden column made of recycled teak wood or white smoked oak is a jewel in itself. However, its main function is rather to put decorative objects in the right light.

Wooden landings are rather straightforward in their design. But it is precisely this simple form in combination with the natural wood tone that makes wooden columns so versatile.

Vases, bowls, sculptures and other living accessories can be presented on wooden pillars in the best possible way. Especially on free-standing pedestals, decorative objects are perfectly staged. The restrained beauty of the wooden column enters into a successful symbiosis with the extravagance of the object to be presented.

Wall decoration with a difference

An art print - framed or unframed - an acrylic painting or an oil painting are the usual standard for the decoration of walls. These wall paintings can look quite beautiful. But this kind of wall decoration is not particularly unusual.

Instead, bring a piece of nature into your home for your wall decoration. Absolutely in trend at the moment are moss pictures.

This distinguishes moss pictures

Only genuine, preserved moss is used for the trendy moss pictures. From different types of moss - flat moss and baled moss - phenomenal looking moss artworks can be produced.

You can become creative yourself, experiment with pieces of moss and design your own picture. Or you can play it safe and buy a finished moss painting.

fleur ami has something for everyone. For the customer who likes to experiment there are moss pieces in different shapes and colours. And for those who prefer to leave it to the professionals, there are various attractive moss pictures to choose from.

No matter if bought ready made or self made - all pictures are unique. Since the real plants differ from each other in form and colour, no picture inevitably resembles the other.

The extravagant moss paintings are also becoming increasingly popular in commercial environments. Especially company logos made of moss plants are in great demand, as they make a big impression on the customer.

Moss pictures are suitable for almost all areas anyway. Only in rooms with an air humidity of more than 70 % you have to do without this eyecatcher.

Moss picture from bale moss
Moss picture from Iceland moss

Lotus pictures are also convincing

Lovers of the more filigree, on the other hand, might enjoy unusual lotus pictures. Each of these pictures, which are elaborately handmade, is unique.

The small works of art are created by applying real, dried lotus leaves on a canvas covered with canvas. These fascinating pictures are available at fleur ami in tasteful shades of green, blue, black, grey and white.

Especially fascinating is the accentuation of the leaf veins from the lotus leaves in golden colour. Viewers of the three-part works of art will hardly be able to avert their eyes.

Wall mirrors provide interesting accents

A somewhat more conventional wall decoration are wall mirrors. Depending on where the mirror is hung, this creates attractive lighting effects. Mirrors are available in many shapes with different frames. There is something suitable for every style of living.

The round mirrors from fleur ami are particularly stylish. Simple in design and extravagant in material, these wall mirrors are a real eye-catcher.