Stones are a popular decorative element in both indoor and outdoor areas. Natural stones such as river pebbles or slates are particularly popular, as each stone looks different and thus gives your decoration a natural flair.

Are you still looking for ideas about what you can do with decorative stones? Read on here...

Stones as decoration

Stones are among the most popular natural materials. Small and large decorative stones are increasingly used as design elements in the house and garden.

With decorative stones in glass vessels, on plates or in lanterns, a cosy and relaxed atmosphere can be created indoors. For many people, a decoration made of stones, sand or shells brings back fond memories of eventful holidays in the mountains or on the beach.

Ornamental stones can also be used to set attractive accents in the garden. Decorative gravel for covering flower beds is particularly popular. Light-coloured pebbles form an effective contrast to the colourful splendour of flowers or the rich green of grasses, funkies or other green plants. In addition, correctly laid out gravel beds always look well-tended and leave weeds no chance.

But gravel can do even more. A small bed of natural-coloured pebbles with a single large stone in the middle is an absolute eye-catcher even without plants.

Pebbles in different colours can become a special eye-catcher in your garden. For example, decorative stones in white together with decorative stones in black create an attractive checkerboard pattern. Let your imagination run free when designing.

Different types of decorative stones

Stones are available in a wide variety of sizes and colours. Very tiny little stones are called sand.

Decorative stones are becoming more and more popular as decoration. Some decorative stones are real natural stones. Often decorative stones are also produced artificially.

fleur ami has an interesting range of decorative stones for you. In combination with real or artificial plants, wood, shells, sand or candles, they can give your home a special flair.

River pebbles

River pebbles belong to the natural stones. As a natural material each piece is unique. When exposed to water, the pebbles are round and smooth.

The river pebbles, which are excellent for decoration purposes, are usually 2 to 4 cm in size. Polished river pebbles in black and white are very popular.

Slate stones

Slates are also natural stones. The anthracite-coloured slate stones are often used as decoration in aquariums or terrariums.

Natural stones

Natural stones are unique as stones of nature. The white or natural-coloured stones are also very suitable for decoration purposes.

Glass stones

With the almost transparent, glittering glass blocks, particularly effective effects can be achieved. Especially sunrays or candlelight, which are caught in the transparent stones, create fascinating light effects.

River pebbles black

Decorative stones for plant pots

Glass vessels are predestined for a decoration with shells, sand or decorative stones. The decoration material can be excellently arranged with artificial or fresh flowers.

An advantage of artificial flowers is of course their durability. Fresh flowers must be replaced regularly, which is a cost factor that should not be underestimated. Furthermore, not everyone can tolerate all flowers and plants. Artificial plants are therefore the optimal alternative for people with allergies, so that they do not have to do without certain plants.

fleur ami surprises you and others with skilful arrangements of artificial flowers and decorative stones. Let yourself be inspired by the variety.

Artificial flowers and decorative stones

The arrangements of light or white stones and orchids look very graceful. This tasteful decoration is often found in hotels and restaurants as well as in spa areas. Pink orchids look particularly striking.

Black, shiny river pebbles in combination with a large white or red rose blossom look noble. A red rose with light stone decoration awakens a little more lightness.

With a white calla and a bamboo stem, an extremely stylish accent is set in a taller, slim glass vase. All of them do not go well with dark decorative stones. A bamboo stalk is also a suitable companion for an orange strelitzie. Beautifully decorated with light-coloured natural stones in an elongated, tall glass vase, you can bring a very special eye-catcher into your home.

Not only round or elongated glass vessels are suitable as decorative vessels. The floristic arrangements also look enchanting in angular glass planters. An unusual contrast is created here, for example, by a hydrangea blossom in combination with the anthracite of slate stones.

Perhaps you have received one or the other suggestion and feel the desire to become creative yourself. With a little skill, many ideas can be implemented, matching the ambience of your home or adapted to the respective seasons.

Tinkering with decorative stones

You can make excellent handicrafts with natural materials. Get the appropriate craft supplies from fleur ami and start a creative day at the craft table. Handicrafting is fun and relaxed. Creative work is the perfect balance to your everyday working life.

Create a small Zen garden

Create relaxation in two ways with a mini Zen garden, for example. A mini Zen garden is also a perfect gift for friends or anyone who wants to find peace and quiet while drawing the water lines with a small rake.

It is very easy to create a Zen garden. You need a container, some sand and pebbles.

A small wooden tray, for example, is very suitable as a container. You can choose any colour you like. Often noble black is favoured as colour for the box.

Then fill sand into the container. Here, too, you have a free hand when it comes to choosing the colour. Of course light sand looks particularly good with a black box.

Now you can choose suitable decorative stones for your Zen garden. The decorative stones should be round and smooth. For the black board with light sand, black river pebbles are recommended.

All you need now is a small rake. Of course you can also make it yourself or buy it ready to use.

Now look for a suitable place for your Zen garden. This could be the desk in the office or a table in the living room.

Give it a shot. You will find that pulling the rake through the sand helps concentration and reduces stress.

Doormats with stones

Stone floor mats are currently in vogue. Of course you can buy these mats ready made. However, they can also be produced quite simply by yourself. For this you need a plastic doormat, flat, smooth river stones and silicone.

First place the stones on the doormat like a puzzle. There should not be too large gaps.

Then glue the stones onto the plastic mat with silicone. Then let the mat dry for a few days.

Standing on a stone mat is a wonderful feeling and resembles a foot massage. A shower mat made of stones is also a stylish eye-catcher.

An eye-catcher are also murals with motives made of stones. The stones can be easily fixed with a hot glue gun on the canvas or any other surface. But do not take too many stones. The picture could otherwise quickly become too heavy.