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Seasonal decoration

Live the different seasons in your home and garden. It's not just a glance at the calendar that should show that spring is approaching or winter is just around the corner. With seasonally changing decoration, you can always set new accents.

Bring the anticipation of summer into your home with a decoration in cheerful colours. With autumn decorations in muted colours, you can visually create more warmth. In December, candles and advent decorations, such as light objects, should not be missing to get you in the mood for Christmas.

How do you decorate correctly?

When decorating your surroundings, remember that less is often more. So don't overload your home with decorative objects, but set targeted highlights. A single pretty planter or a fascinating light object will draw undisturbed attention.

Decorate beautifully

Order decoration for home & garden online

A smartly furnished flat alone does not make your own four walls homely and cosy. Only a decorative design tailored to the individual style of living provides that certain something.

It's the same with the garden. Great garden furniture and pretty plants are the first step in the right direction, but the green living room only becomes cosy with decorative elements.

When choosing home accessories, you should take your time. After all, you don't want just any decoration, but a special, unusual one to set the scene in your home or garden.

Instead of driving from shop to shop, make yourself comfortable on your sofa. Then, from the comfort of your own home, search fleur ami for the right decoration highlights.

Here you will find very special, unusual decorative items for both indoor and outdoor decoration. Let yourself be inspired by the extraordinary range.

Various home accessories for your home

Give your home a special flair with pictures, lamps, cushions, vases, candles or plants. Whether you pursue a modern, elegant, Scandinavian, maritime or playful living style with your home accessories is up to your personal taste.

Stylish planters, lanterns and sculptures (e.g. made of stone or wood) make your garden much more inviting. Even in smaller gardens, there is usually still room for a soothingly splashing fountain or a decorative mini pond.

Tip: You can create a romantic atmosphere in the evening with lanterns and illuminated objects. This turns your garden into an oasis of well-being with relatively little effort.

Decorative objects

Light objects exert a special fascination. Enchant your home or garden with an atmospheric LED cube or an LED sphere in state-of-the-art technology. Depending on your mood, you can let the light shine brightly or dim it romantically. In addition, you can choose between many different light colours and colour gradients to create tasteful lighting effects.

By the way: The stylish light objects are also available as a Christmas tree. Ring in the Advent season in an atmospheric way.

For lovers of maritime style, fleur ami also has something very special in store for you. Sea snail sculptures made of aluminium or bronze will attract admiring glances.

Playful freshness is brought into your living room by "fruity" decorative objects. The shiny white apples or pears with a stem made of wood work both solo and, for example, on a decorative tray. A combination of different sizes is also a good idea here.

A champagne cooler made of stainless steel also looks decorative. And if the champagne cooler is not needed for cooling champagne, a bouquet of colourful flowers looks very good in it.

Vase gold

Vases and bowls

Vases and bowls come in many shapes and colours and in a wide variety of materials. There is hardly any way around these versatile decorative objects.

Choose what suits your personal style best from the almost inexhaustible range. Vases in silver or gold have an exclusive, noble charm. Black, shiny polished vases radiate a touch of elegance. Plant pots decorated with shells look playful and those who prefer a more modern style of living will probably like vases with a stone look.

Round or flat, boat-shaped bowls look particularly good on tables or sideboards. Planted, filled with fresh fruit or solo, bowls are popular decorative elements.

Arrangements of real or artificial plants and decorative stones look particularly good in glass vases. fleur ami has beautiful compositions of artificial flowers, decorative stones and ornamental woods for you to choose from.

Orchids look particularly attractive in combination with natural-coloured decorative stones. But you will also like other tasteful arrangements of roses, hydrangeas or anthuriums with various ornamental stones.

These decorative objects are not only popular in the home. Also in hotels, restaurants or in the spa area, these arrangements are extremely popular as decoration.

Do you prefer real plants? Then you can choose a pretty glass vase from fleur ami and get ideas for planting.

Lanterns for the garden

Immerse your garden in a soft sea of lights on balmy summer evenings. Candles, lanterns and especially lanterns create an atmospheric ambience.

With a lantern, you can enjoy the beautiful light reflections carefree. Even a slight breeze will not extinguish the light so quickly. Moreover, lanterns are safer than candles. So you can enjoy the atmosphere with a lantern without worrying.

Table decoration

A pretty decoration makes more of your table. With a chic vase, a stylish bowl or a decorative tray with candles, you can transform a plain table into a special eye-catcher.

Add variety to your table decoration depending on the season. In spring and summer, vases with colourful bouquets of flowers provide a lively freshness. Typical colours for autumn decoration are brown, yellow or orange tones. For Advent, arrangements with fir greenery and candles are a must.

Of course, a festively laid table should not be without stylish table decorations - silver table decorations always look elegant. Small flower arrangements and candles are an absolute must on a festive table. Decorative stones made of glass, in which the candlelight catches and sparkles atmospherically, also look pretty.

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