At fleur ami you will find a variety of wonderful possibilities to enhance your house or garden with fascinating, luminous decoration. Whether an LED Cube as decoration for the garden, an LED star for soft lighting in the children's room or an LED tree for Christmas - here you will find the most beautiful models.

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Decoration with light objects

I guess everybody likes lights. From a very young age we love the shining objects that are everywhere at Christmas time and we wish we could admire them all year round. This is of course possible! With lighting, simply everything can be done. There is no limit as to the colour, shape or size of luminous or illuminated objects. Therefore it is easy to find light objects for certain occasions or seasons or neutral decoration. Whether for Christmas, Halloween or a birthday, whether for a party or as a permanently installed decoration in the living room or light objects in the garden - you never go wrong with elegant lighting.

Different shapes and sizes

The unbelievable variety of light objects makes the choice really not easy. Light objects exist in many different forms. These include seasonal objects such as a light object as a star at Christmas, but also timelessly beautiful objects such as the light object ball, which fits into almost every room and also turns every garden into a fantastic paradise. It is particularly attractive to use the same shape in different sizes to achieve a harmonious overall picture. Small and large trees or spheres provide visual variety, which makes outdoor areas in particular not look too orderly, but also not chaotic.

Light objects in the garden

Light objects for indoor and light objects for outdoor use

You can use the illuminated objects from fleur ami both inside your house and outside. The light objects for outside resist rainwater as well as other weather influences such as frost and are therefore just as suitable for your garden or terrace as the light objects for inside for your bathroom or living area. Especially robust, but not coarse looking materials and conscientious workmanship make our Light Objects resistant and yet elegant. The flexibility of the lighting and the various possible applications also allow you to redecorate freely. If you have had enough of the sphere in your living room, it might light up your front garden tomorrow and show guests the way into the house.

Luminous objects for children

Luminous objects for children

Children are often afraid of the dark and do not feel comfortable sleeping in an unlit room. However, sleep in a bright room is also unthinkable - too many possibilities for distraction fill the children's room. Night lights are an excellent way to take away the fear of the dark and still allow them to fall asleep calmly and healthily. Dimmable lights can be adjusted continuously in brightness, so that parents and children can decide for themselves which lighting is best for their child to fall asleep. And even during the day, many children - and adults - enjoy bright objects in the background of an ambience.

Light objects for Christmas

Christmas is the time of lights par excellence. Alternative festivals are even called the Festival of Lights in different cultures, and not without reason: in December the days are shortest, and in order to make the most of the long nights, lighting was needed. In times of electric light, winter lighting has given way to more and more practicality and has made room for purely decorative objects. Our light object star and the light object tree are perfectly suited to give the family living room a dreamy, Christmassy touch. With the light objects for Christmas, long evenings in winter can be spent pleasantly with the family.

Easy to operate by remote control

So that nothing disturbs the cosy get-together in the pleasantly lit room when you want to change the lighting, the illuminated objects can be operated with a practical remote control. The control not only allows you to switch them on and off, but also to choose between different brightness levels and colours, so you can enjoy maximum flexibility in decoration and adjust the colour to suit the desired room atmosphere. The remote control is particularly practical if you have light objects in the garden or a light object on the terrace, but do not want to leave the house to switch on the light elements. In this case, you can easily switch from blue to red from the couch, darken the objects or simply switch them off.

Energy-saving thanks to LED light source

The light objects of fleur ami are completely equipped with LED lamps. This LED object lighting not only protects the environment, but also saves a lot of energy. Especially with night lights or other continuously switched on lights, a lot of electricity can be saved and therefore cash money. A further advantage, especially with continuous or frequent operation, is that LEDs last a very long time. This means that you can enjoy your light objects for years to come without any loss of performance or even without completely stopping the function. An LED object is therefore an investment for life.

Where can I get spare parts for the illuminated objects?

Should a spare part become necessary after years of use or due to an accident in use, you will of course also find this in the fleur ami online shop. The LED rods are specially made for every shape and size of illuminant, so make sure you order the correct spare parts. Replacing the LED bulbs is very easy, so you will not have any problems with the installation with the help of the included instructions.

LED light objects for every use

So you can see that there are numerous possible uses for each light source. Wherever you want to use a lighting installation - you are guaranteed to find the right one, from the lamp itself to spare parts and practical accessories. The light objects from fleur ami are easy to operate with the remote control, absolutely safe even in rain and frost and, thanks to the different sizes, brightness and colours, also enormously flexible. Here you can find light objects for outside as well as light objects for inside. Of course, the friendly staff of fleur ami are always at your disposal, from advice before the initial purchase to questions during installation to problems with spare parts or other questions.

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