With the right wall decoration, you can conjure up a unique, homely atmosphere in your home. In our online shop you will find unusual ideas for wall decoration - from pictures made of real moss to wall mirrors and planters with wall mounting.

You want to learn more about unusual wall decoration? Read on here...

Wall decoration

Bare walls are not very inviting. Find a remedy and give your rooms a homely atmosphere of well-being with an attractive decorative wall. Pictures of classical or modern painters, wall clocks, mirrors, shelves etc. almost everyone has as wall decoration in the living room. In terms of wall design, you can stand out from the crowd.

Bring nature into your four walls. With an extravagant wall planting you set extraordinary accents. A trendy moss picture or a plant pot for the wall will transform your rooms into a green oasis.

Let yourself be inspired by the offer of fleur ami. For example, you will find great plant pictures made of moss and chic hanging pots for your plant wall.

How do I design a moss wall?

You can purchase a finished moss painting or experiment with moss pieces and implement your own ideas. Moss paintings are made from real, preserved moss. On the one hand deep green or forest green flat moss is used, on the other hand apple green or moss green baled moss.

Each picture is unique. Since only real plants are used, there are inevitably variations in form and colour even with one and the same motif.

The combination of the two moss species - flat moss and baled moss - enables unique and three-dimensional moss paintings. The pictures look simply phenomenal, convince with their haptics and will certainly become an absolute eye-catcher in your home or in your commercially used rooms.

The finished moss pictures are offered both without frame and ready-framed - either conventionally in square frames or somewhat more specifically in round frames. The preferred frame colour is white or black. This is the best way to show the fresh, natural green to its best advantage.

Mural from moss

Of course you can also be creative and let your imagination run free. Realise your own ideas with pieces of flat or balloon moss and design the walls according to your individual ideas.

Why is the moss conserved?

The preservation process repels pests and moulds. The preservation process is based on water, glycerine and food dyes. Therefore only substances that are not harmful to health are used. Despite preservation, the natural function of the moss is preserved. The processed moss is therefore still able to absorb and release air humidity.

By the way: Even the typical smell of moss is not immediately lost through conservation. However, it does dissipate with time. If you do not like the smell at all, you can help with a fragrance spray.

What speaks for moss pictures?

Natural moss pictures are sound-absorbing and thus clearly improve the room acoustics. Moss pictures also have a moisture-regulating effect, which can contribute to improving the room climate.

The fresh moss green of the natural pictures also radiates peace and harmony. This can lead to an increased well-being and less stress for the viewer.

A moss painting is therefore not only a particularly unusual wall decoration element. It is also a visual treat for all the senses. City dwellers in particular, who have hardly any green surroundings around them, bring a piece of nature into their homes with a wall greening.

Moss Picture

For which rooms are moss paintings suitable?

Plant pictures are suitable for all interior rooms, as long as the air humidity is not more than 70%. This means that moss pictures are not only suitable for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms but even as wall decoration for the kitchen. Only for outdoor use they are not recommended.

In the commercial sector, wall plantings are very popular because they give the surroundings a natural and relaxed atmosphere. In addition, the sound-absorbing properties of plant images are particularly beneficial in open-plan offices, entrance halls, conference and seminar rooms.

Did you know? Many companies have their company logo made from moss. Such an eye-catcher in the reception area leaves a lasting impression on the customer.

What about care?

Due to the conservation of moss, wall plantings are extremely easy to maintain. The moss pictures get along without sun and water. Not even daylight is necessary. However, you should not expose the plant pictures to direct sunlight, as the colour might fade. The pictures should also not be positioned near heat sources, as heat does not mix well with the preservative glycerine.

Especially practical: Due to the antistatic properties you do not even have to dust the pictures. Only the frame needs to be freed from dust from time to time.

Plant pots on the wall as a green alternative

You can also bring a piece of nature into your home with planters that are attached to the wall. The planters, which match the wall mounts, can be re-equipped with flowers, grasses or stalks again and again, thus providing a varied wall decoration.

With the Polystone Wall Cone series, fleur ami has two timeless wall brackets in aluminium and in a rust look ready for you. You can also obtain our popular "planters with wall mounting" as a set. The stylish vases matching the holders are available in the trendy stone look in the colours anthracite, cream and grey.

Vertical gardens are in vogue

Whether you are planting large areas of greenery on your walls, hanging a plant picture or hanging a flower pot with decorative plants or blooming flowers on your wall - natural, green wall decorations are enjoying increasing popularity.

They are not only absolute eye-catchers but also increase the feel-good factor many times over and may even help to improve the indoor climate.