Decoration made of wood is becoming more and more popular, as it brings a cozy warmth and naturalness into every home. In our online store you will find various decorative elements made of wood, such as driftwood branches, which can be wonderfully decorated in plant pots.

Here you can learn more about wood decoration.

Decoration woods

The natural product wood has always had a very special aura. Bring a piece of living nature into your four walls and embellish your living or business premises with a wooden decoration.

Put real branches, twigs and driftwood as fascinating wood decoration skillfully in scene. The natural material in warm wood tones gives your environment a cosy atmosphere. You and your visitors will be inspired by the natural charm of the wood decoration.

fleur ami offers attractive manzanita branches and sculptures made of lianas for your wood decoration. Furthermore you will find at fleur ami also an unusual driftwood decoration and various wooden decoration accessories.

Get creative and enrich your four walls with these high-quality natural products. Let your creations made of decorative wood become an extraordinary eye-catcher. In the following we present different materials and give useful tips.

What is manzanita wood?

Manzanita, botanically Arctostaphylos manzanita, is a shrub that grows very branched from below. The bark of its long, bent branches is reddish-brown in colour.

The multi-stem shrubs can reach a height of up to three metres. Manzanita plants thrive best in sunny to semi-shady locations. For a long time the branches have been very popular as decorative objects.

Decorating with Manzanita twigs

Floriculturists like to use single dry twigs as an accessory for decorative purposes. Give your surroundings an extraordinary flair with a decoration made of manzanita branches.

fleur ami has branches in lengths from 90 to 200 centimetres ready for you. As these are natural products, each piece is unique. You can choose between manzanita branches in natural red-brown or lighter, sandblasted decorative branches.

Let your imagination run free. Hang a twig decoratively on the ceiling or let a single twig in a stylish vase work all by itself. Interesting arrangements can also be created in combination with other dried plants.

Tip: Discover also the Premium Set from fleur ami. You will receive a finished and well thought-out decoration solution!

Wood Decoration Manzanita Wood

The set consists of a white planter decorated with real shells and a large sandblasted manzanita branch. In addition, you will receive filling material in suitable quantities and pretty decorative stones in matching colours to cover the filling material. It could hardly be simpler. This arrangement is the perfect eye-catcher in all rooms - whether in private homes, offices, hotels or restaurants.

What's driftwood?

Driftwood, also known as driftwood, is wood floating on the water, driven to shore by the tides, wind or currents. External factors such as sun, sand and water make driftwood something special.

Wood Decoration Ghostwood

Designing with driftwood

This special, versatile wood species can be found almost everywhere in the world. Artists use it to make innovative furniture, original lamps and other unusual works of art.

Driftwood decoration or alluvial wood decoration is very trendy. Of course you can also collect driftwood yourself. But it is easier if you buy driftwood.

Browse a little in the online shop of fleur ami. Here you will find a wide selection of driftwood branches for decoration. The real driftwood from nature is available in lengths from 35 to 200 cm. Of course every piece is unique.

The sand-blasted and clean driftwood branches are ideal as decoration for any style of living. Both modern and classic, elegant or rather maritime furnishing can be used to create adequate decorations.

Let a branch stand out as an individual piece or create an interesting arrangement with other plants. They will always produce something extraordinary.

If you like it a bit more extravagant, you will be delighted by the driftwood branches, refined with a pretty silver leaf look. The branches refined with gold leaf look even more glamorous. The silver and gold-coloured twigs make for a particularly impressive decoration. Not everyone has such an eye-catcher.

Lianas - a not everyday decoration

Decorative lianas are peeled and then bleached. With the naturally grown, beautifully intertwined decorative lianas, plant arrangements or bowls can be decorated excellently.

fleur ami also has a particularly unusual liana decoration on offer for you. An absolute eye-catcher is the approx. 200 cm high liana sculpture. The elaborately produced sculpture is suitable as a wall decoration as well as a decoration for the table or for sideboards.

Tip: Those who prefer to place the sculpture on a stand will be interested in the liana sculpture with a stand of the same size. This sculpture is also an eye-catcher that has no equal.