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Planter concrete

Enhance your garden, living space or office with an attractive planter made of concrete or a variant in concrete or stone look. The classic material is very charming and available in various sizes, shapes & colour shades. Concrete planters can be used both outdoors and indoors. The flower and plant pots do not look like they are pushing themselves to the fore, but convince with a slightly restrained elegance.

Why are concrete planters an excellent choice?

Exclusive concrete planters play to their strengths both indoors and outdoors - especially in combination with a modern building and furnishing style. The anthracite-coloured or concrete-grey planters look timelessly elegant and blend harmoniously into their surroundings. They do not unnecessarily distract from the beauty of the plants, but form a perfect symbiosis with them.

Depending on the design of the background, concrete planters in anthracite or concrete look can also provide a beautiful point of contrast. Concrete planters are also characterised by longevity, weather resistance and ease of care. Concrete is one of the most stable materials available on the market

In addition, cement-look planters are very frost-resistant and can be left outside all year round without hesitation. Even icy temperatures cannot harm the concrete-look planters.

For these reasons, many people prefer planters made of this classic material. Our concrete planters from the DIVISION series are very popular. In addition, concrete-look planters are also very much in demand. The material polystone has become particularly popular here.

How flowers and plants look in a concrete planter

The first impression is often decisive. This also applies to the ambience in your office, practice, home or garden. Skillfully presented plants and flowers make rooms and outdoor areas appear much more inviting and accomplished.

To show off plants to their best advantage, you need matching planters tailored to your individual needs. The flower and plant pots must match your surroundings, your furnishings and your lifestyle.

Plant pots come in the most diverse sizes and shapes - from round concrete flower pots to rectangular containers. There is also a wide range of colours to suit all customer needs, although concrete is not quite so gaudy here, of course, but rather scores with subtle nuances.

Plant pots are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes - from round concrete planters to rectangular pots.

Besides the decorative enhancement of indoor and outdoor areas, plants and flowers also combine other positive properties:

  • They can significantly improve the indoor climate
  • they are said to be able to relieve stress
  • They can even muffle noises

Overall, then, it can be said that plants are capable of enhancing overall well-being and significantly improving the quality of living.

The material check: What are concrete planters?

Concrete is a mixture of sand, gravel and cement, which is hardened by adding water. For a long time, concrete was only known as a building material. Increasingly, however, the material is also conquering the lifestyle sector and setting interesting accents in indoor and outdoor areas. Therefore, concrete is a well-suited material for planters.

Lovers of the concrete trend can choose between planters made of pure concrete, of fibreglass in a concrete look or also of fibre cement. The latter consists of a mixture of cement, fibreglass and sand.

The planters are made of concrete.

Concrete-look planters are currently experiencing a real boom. A combination of fibreglass and stone powder produces the popular Polystone material. The result is a slightly washed-out, roughened and very hard-wearing surface that is right on trend.

The nice side effect of imitation concrete: Since fibreglass planters are significantly lighter than concrete planters, they can be positioned and redecorated more easily - even if the planters are large.

The cement-look planters are nevertheless also frost-proof and can be used outdoors all year round. They still have a fairly high dead weight and don't tip over easily even in strong winds. If the flower pot is large, this further increases the stability due to the higher weight.

In what sizes and shapes are concrete planters available?

Various areas of use and personal taste require a wide range of products. From the small round planter to the long concrete plant trough to the square Variety XXL planter, there is therefore something to suit every plant lover.

Here we take a look at how certain concrete planters in different shapes achieve their desired effect:

Outdoor planters must be robust, weatherproof and durable. Concrete planters and concrete flower pots will not let you down even in adverse weather conditions. On top of that, they also impress in terms of appearance - especially when the planter has XXL dimensions and therefore really comes into its own.

Instructions: How do I plant concrete planters correctly?

Good drainage is very important. It is best to first hand-width fill the containers with expanded clay. This way, water and nutrients can be optimally stored to supply the plants as needed.

After that, the containers can be filled with expanded clay.

Then the planter can be filled with soil. For new plantings, you should use special pot plant soil or peat-free soil. Do not underestimate the amount needed. A larger planter will hold more soil than you might think at first.

Caution: You should avoid sandy or loamy garden soil. Topsoil from your own garden is also not suitable. It contains too many weed seeds, goutweed and similar undesirable substances. This could impair the growth of the new plants. A sufficient water supply is very important. Please note that in concrete pots, more liquid is drawn from the soil.

Which plants you finally plant depends on the one hand on the location of the planter (sun, shade or partial shade) and on the other hand on your personal taste. You can choose just one type of plant or you can combine different plants.

When planting larger containers, be creative. Follow the principle of "thriller, filler, spiller"

  • The "thriller" is the highlight - the longest plant. Grasses, for example, are very suitable for this.
  • The "fillers" are the gap fillers. For this, choose medium-high growing colourful flowers as splashes of colour or green plants.
  • the "fillers" are low-growing plants that climb or hang over the edge of the tub.

  • Square planters are an interesting choice. They are excellent for lining up next to each other. Square columns also attract admiring glances.
  • Round planters, on the other hand, are well suited as eye-catchers, as they can be placed in an exposed position - e.g. in the middle of the terrace.
  • High, rectangular planters in turn serve as raised beds or can fulfil a function as creative room dividers.
  • As you can see: The selection of concrete planters is very extensive. No matter whether the planters should be large or small, or whether you prefer concrete planters in rectangular or square-shaped dimensions - you are sure to find a suitable model at fleur ami.

    Chic concrete planters for indoors and outdoors

    We have already mentioned it: concrete planters are versatile. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

    The simple, timeless and elegant planters made of concrete or in a concrete look can be perfectly combined with modern furniture indoors. The trendy and lightweight concrete-look planters are a particularly good choice here.

    Various application possibilities: Here, concrete pots for flowers and plants come into their own

    In the office, in the waiting room of the doctor's practice, in the restaurant, in the private apartment, on the terrace, the balcony or in the garden - almost everywhere you can use planters to divide up spaces, provide privacy, muffle background noise, set decorative accents and create a feel-good ambience.

    We look at other uses for your planters here.

    Here we take another look at other uses for your concrete planters, where the robust but handsome vessels come into their own.

    The concrete planter on the balcony or roof terrace

    Small roof terraces and balconies can be transformed into small green oases with the help of concrete planters. Square or rectangular planters can be easily placed and flexibly rearranged from time to time. This makes for variety in the smallest of spaces.

    Tip: A taller, rectangular planter box is the ideal alternative to a wooden raised bed. This way you can always be at eye level with your flowers and plants.

    Using concrete planters in the garden

    In the garden, tall, rectangular concrete planters can serve as privacy screens. You can plant the planters with evergreen plants or always replant them according to the season. This creates a good alternative to drab walls, boring fences or hedges.

    Tip: Rectangular, taller concrete planters and flower tubs are ideal for growing herbs. Tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce can also be cultivated excellently in larger planters.

    In the office, go for concrete planters

    In open-plan offices, workplaces at the desk can be optimally separated from each other with the help of rectangular taller planters. The greened room dividers not only create a personal space for individual employees, but also have a noise-reducing effect and improve the working atmosphere.

    Conclusion: So there are many good reasons for installing concrete planters indoors and outdoors. Let yourself be inspired: The diverse range at fleur ami gives you numerous, stylish design options.

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