Discover our large selection of exclusive planters for indoor and outdoor use. Whether flower pots, planting bowls, vases, plant pots, room dividers or raised beds - planters can be used in many different ways and enhance every area optically. Thanks to a variety of different materials, there is a suitable pot for every need: from natural teak wood, to concrete, to real shells.

Planters from fleur ami

With plants and flowers you can set interesting accents both indoors and outdoors. A green decoration makes your home or office look equally inviting and attractive.

Your surroundings will look particularly perfect if you skillfully present your plants in stylish planters. The high-quality and very stylish planters from fleur ami put your plants in the right light and make your green decoration an absolute eye-catcher both indoors and outdoors.

In the following we will show you what different planters are available, what materials they are made of and what design options are available.

What are plant pots?

Plant pots are decorative planters in which plants and flowers are planted directly. Plant pots are available in numerous sizes, colours, shapes and made of different materials.

Smaller plants and flowers are shown off to their best advantage in a smaller plant pot or planter. Especially on balconies and window sills, plants and flowers become an attractive eye-catcher in a rectangular, oblong one.

Flower arrangements look very good in round, not too high planters, e.g. planting bowls. Plant pots, flower pots and the plant trough have a particularly large capacity and are therefore the giants among planters.

Exclusive plant pots and planters from fleur ami

The advantages of our planters

fleur ami inspires with a wide range of planters. From the plastic flower pot in a simple design to the handmade exclusive eye-catcher made of high-quality material, every plant lover will find an adequate planter.

Planters from fleur ami combine functionality, highest quality and stylish design. The appealing unity of plant and container, which meets the highest standards, will enhance your home or outdoor facilities in style.

Planting bowl as decoration

Designing with plant pots

Planters in the indoor area provide a cosy and comfortable ambience. In particular, planters are used as decorative eye-catchers.

No flowers are planted in a flower vase. Nevertheless, vases are also to be considered as planters. A bouquet of flowers decorated in a small vase standing on the table or a larger bouquet in a floor vase are eye-catchers that are an integral part of any interior. Even without flowers, pretty vases are a stylish decorative element.

On tables and sideboards, even not too large, beautifully planted bowls cut a good figure. Slightly larger planting bowls are often found in the entrance areas of restaurants or hotels, where they set inviting accents.

Larger plant pots - just like floor vases - immediately attract attention and therefore form an optical highlight within your four walls or in your garden.

High planters often combine good looks with practical use. Many planters are ideal as room dividers.

In offices, workplaces can be separated from each other in an attractive way. Not to be forgotten is also the advantage, not to be underestimated, that plants also improve the room climate and also have a sound-absorbing effect.

Furthermore, higher and larger planters bring structure into rooms. Many restaurants and hotels like to take advantage of this.

Planters are also popular decorative elements in the outdoor area. Among other things, green plant pots embellish your terrace or delimit it. Smaller bowls, planted with pretty plant arrangements, on the other hand, enliven steps in the entrance area or otherwise rather dull looking walls.

Larger and higher planters XXL are also an optimal privacy screen for outdoor use and are thus a good alternative to a boring wall or a hedge that may seem rather unimaginative. Functionality and decorative effect form a sensible mixture here.

Illuminated planters provide a special flair. The enchanting combination of planting and lighting literally puts your green decoration in the right light.

Wide range of colours and shapes

Let yourself be inspired. fleur ami has an extensive one for you. range of planters in all shapes and colours. Whether plain plain-coloured or antique gold-hammered, small or large, round or rectangular - there is a suitable planter for every style of furnishing and every requirement.

Planter rectangular

Rectangular planters are ideal as space-saving room dividers or privacy screens. Higher, rectangular planters are also ideally suited for a raised bed.

Planter square

Square plant pots have a solo effect, but are easy to arrange next to each other. Especially on balconies or smaller terraces, an interesting and varied green landscape can be created.

Planter round

Round, somewhat larger planters are a special eye-catcher as a single piece. On the terrace or in the entrance area of a restaurant or hotel, round plant pots with skilful floral decoration immediately attract attention and look very inviting.

Planter conical

Special effects can be achieved with conical planters. The unusual shape will immediately attract admiring glances.

In addition, the planters, which are wider at the top, can be optimally planted. Depending on the type of planting, the planter is moved to the foreground or it disappears under the splendour of hanging plants.

Conical planters arranged one behind the other on both sides also look very chic. Show your guests the way to a certain place through a flowering and green trellis.

Planter round
Planter square

Colours and surfaces for plant pots

The planters from fleur ami leave nothing to be desired. From white to golden and teak brown, you will find a colour palette that is second to none.

Plant pots from fleur ami are more than just a container for your plants. Rather, they are works of art - some of them elaborately handcrafted.

Surfaces made of natural stone mosaic, in gold leaf look or of meticulously arranged mother-of-pearl shells turn your planters into an exclusive eye-catcher. These noble vessels are of special, luxurious beauty.

Owners of restaurants and cafés will be delighted with the inscriptions milled on the body of the vessels. The Coffee Line planters from fleur ami with inscriptions such as Cafe Latte, Lungo, Mocca etc. are original decorative elements, especially for the catering sector.

By the way: Even imitation leather serves as surface material. With fleur ami almost nothing is impossible.

Plant pots for indoor and outdoor use

Plant pots are an indispensable enrichment of your surroundings, both indoors and outdoors. A green decoration has an invigorating effect, radiates cosiness and has been proven to increase well-being.

Make a before and after comparison. You will find that without greenery something decisive is missing. Plants are undoubtedly the icing on the cake of your facility.

Various materials

Planters are made from a wide variety of materials. The range extends from high-quality, light and break-proof plastic to warm looking teak wood and fibreglass.

In the past, concrete was often used as a material for plant pots. Although natural concrete is very robust and weather-resistant, it is also very heavy. Nowadays, glass fibre reinforced natural cement is usually used instead. In addition to the positive properties of natural concrete, these containers, which are manufactured in a so-called concrete look, have a significantly lower weight.

As before, wood is chosen as the material for plant pots. In particular, the weather-resistant and at the same time noble-looking teak wood is used.

Fibreglass has recently been used very frequently for plant pots. The material is both robust and light. The surfaces of the pots are then refined in various ways.