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Plant pot sets

Plants provide that certain something in both indoor and outdoor areas. Indoors and outdoors, green plants or colourful flowers make both more inviting and homely.

In pretty planters the splendour of plants and flowers is shown to its best advantage. Even if real plants have their own special charm, there are still many good reasons to at least partially green your own four walls, office, restaurant or other commercially used rooms with artificial plants.

fleur ami has a particularly well thought-out solution that allows you to make your premises homely with a green decoration in an uncomplicated way. A planter set, consisting of a deceptively realistic looking plant, a perfectly matching planter, appropriate filling material and pretty decorative stones, creates an attractive ambience in no time at all.

One click in the online shop of fleur ami is enough and just a few days later you can give your private or professional environment a special green flair with attractive plant pot sets.

Seasonal changes are no problem with artificial plants

You certainly know the problem that real plants - especially when changing from summer to autumn - shed their leaves prematurely or lose their good looks in other ways. With artificial plants you can effectively counteract the change of seasons and replace or supplement unattractive real plants with artificial plants.

Pflanzkübel Set Muschelgefäß mit Agave Kunstpflanze

Not everyone has the green thumb

Real plants require a high level of care. Regular watering, repotting according to your needs and a sufficient supply of fertiliser are essential to ensure that your plants grow and thrive.

However, not everyone has the necessary know-how or time. Especially in the professional environment, the care of the plants is often neglected. Artificial plants for the office are therefore a good alternative.

Artificial plants are content to be dusted now and then. With this minimum of effort, artificial plants retain their fresh and lively appearance for a long time.

A place too dark or too light? No problem for artificial plants!

A planter with artificial plants can be placed anywhere you like. You don't have to worry about whether the location fulfils the necessary conditions for the healthy growth of plants and flowers. Neither too little sun nor too much shade can harm your artificial plant.

Even moving back and forth is no problem for artificial plants. Real plants often react very sensitively to a change of location and often die when they are placed elsewhere.

You are welcome to rearrange your artificial plants again and again according to your mood. Whether it is cold, warm, light or dark at the new location is not important. You can enjoy the splendour of the plants and flowers wherever you are.

Pflanzkübel Set grau

What about the costs?

Living plants must be replaced frequently. Furthermore, the costs caused by the immense maintenance effort are not insignificant.

It is often thought that artificial plants are very expensive. However, if you consider that artificial plants are a one-off investment over many years, a plant pot set should ultimately be rather cheap.

Important: Pay attention to quality!

The supposed bargain often turns out to be a flop in the end. Natural looking plants and flowers require a lot of work and material during production. Understandably, this has its price.

As so often, the difference lies in the detail. Cheap products are by far not as filigree as more expensive objects. So do not save at the wrong end. Your artificial plants should look as natural as possible and look like real plants.

Plant pots put your plants in the right light

With the ingenious plant pot sets in the artificial plant sector you have it very easy. You do not have to think long and hard about which planter is best suited to your artificial plant. fleur ami takes these considerations off your shoulders and inspires you with optimally matched planter sets.

Which material is best suited?

There is no one ideal material that meets all requirements. The choice of material depends in particular on personal taste and individual furnishing style. For one person, a concrete planter set is a good decision. Others prefer a plastic planter set.

In addition to the material, the design also plays an important role. Do not decide on a specific one in advance. Let yourself be inspired by the convincing offer from fleur ami and then make your choice: Grey or white? Round or square?

The planters in the planter sets offered by fleur ami come in a wide variety of shapes and colours. From the anthracite planter set to the white planter set to the grey planter set, there is something for every taste and style of living.

Planters in champagne-rose or glossy black look very elegant and exclusive. Planters whose surface is covered with silver-blue shells are also a real eye-catcher.

But planter sets in round or rectangular, elongated form are also attractive eye-catchers. Browse undisturbed from home in the online shop of fleur ami. You will find countless, wonderful suggestions on how to beautify your surroundings with the tastefully arranged plant pot sets.

Which plants are particularly suitable?

fleur ami offers you an interesting selection of decorative, high-quality and lifelike plants. A great eye-catcher, for example, is the artificial horsetail, which is hardly distinguishable from real plants. Artificial bulbous grass is also ideal for decoration.

An artificial sugar cane plant provides a tropical flair. Artificial palms and ferns are also very popular. Achieve brilliant effects with artificial lyrata, artificial pittosporum, artificial Sansevieria or an artificial agave.