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What are outdoor planters?

Outdoor planters house flowers and plants that also need to be suitable for outdoor use. An outdoor planter can be a smaller, weatherproof planter, a plain outdoor planter box or a large-sized, exclusive outdoor planter.

No matter which size and type of material you choose. You will only enjoy your green living room if the flowers and plants as well as the planter are weatherproof and resistant to other outdoor influences.

Let yourself be inspired when choosing your planters in the fleur ami online shop. A wide range of decorative planters awaits you. You will find planters in many shapes, colours and made of different materials.

In the production of the planters, fleur ami uses high-quality materials that are suitable for outdoor use throughout. The planters are also winter-proof, UV-resistant, robust and durable.

fleur ami has also thought of accessories. Particularly practical is the watering set included in the range, which includes an insert base, planting substrate, water level indicator and filling shaft with lid.

Teak Outdoor Planters

Outdoor planters: High-quality outdoor planters

As soon as the first rays of summer sun warm the air, life shifts to the great outdoors. The indoor living room at home becomes an outdoor living room. And the commercial catering trade also opens its garden doors again.

Of course, it should be just as cosy and comfortable outdoors as indoors. With flower pots suitable for the outdoors, the garden area can be transformed into a green, cosy oasis without much effort.

Which planters for the terrace?

Especially when terraced houses are close together, you need a privacy screen to protect you from unwanted glances from neighbours. Evergreen hedges are very beautiful, but not ideal. The hedge can easily become too bulky and take up a lot of space. Taller, rectangular planters that you can plant flexibly as you wish and as needed are better suited.

You can also use taller planters as outdoor room dividers. This gives your terrace structure.

With the help of planters of different sizes and shapes, you can also turn your terrace into a green paradise in no time at all. Outdoor planters with wheels are particularly practical. The planters can be easily moved back and forth and you can give your terrace a different touch every now and then.

A larger, solo room divider also looks very good on the terrace. Position it so that it becomes an attractive eye-catcher.

Planters as privacy screens

Outdoor planters as privacy screens

Rectangular, elongated planters placed side by side form a perfect privacy screen from the neighbouring property. You can also avoid prying eyes from the neighbours by planting several planters next to each other like a trellis.

Or you can plant low, compact planters with hedges or climbing plants. This also provides a perfect and at the same time flexible and easily relocatable privacy screen.

How do I plant high planters?

If the planter is high (outdoor), the planting should not go even higher. A lower, compact planting or a combination of plants of different heights is better. Single, hanging climbing plants are also very decorative.

When should planters be put out?

As a rule, planters are frost-resistant. Your planters could therefore remain outside even in winter. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all potted plants.

If you have stored your potted plants in their winter quarters, you should put them out in early spring. However, this assumes that temperatures are above freezing and frost is no longer to be expected.

Which materials are suitable for outdoor planters?

An increasingly popular material for outdoor planters is a fibreglass material mix. Teak wood is also very popular, as the warm brown tone sets homely accents.

Modern planters with a concrete look are also particularly stylish. These are made of glass-fibre reinforced natural cement.

Polystone is also frequently used as a material. This is a synthetic stone based on stone powder and synthetic resin.

Plastic - sometimes glass-fibre reinforced - is also ideal for outdoor planters. Plant pots made of polypropylene are also unbreakable and resistant to frost and weathering.

Different materials for outdoor planters

Outdoor planters are also available in a mix of materials. The combination of teak and stainless steel is very popular. The stainless steel forms a successful, elegant contrast to the teak.

Not visually visible is the combination of glass fibre composite material as a base and a high-quality gelcoat coating. This technique is known from shipbuilding. Planters made of this material are impermeable to water even after years.

Which planters are frost-proof?

Most materials are frost-resistant nowadays. This applies, for example, to planters made of concrete, stainless steel, polyrattan and teak. Even planters made of fibreglass are weatherproof and frost-resistant - as long as the material does not contain any stone admixtures.

Planters Wood Outdoor

Wooden outdoor planters

If you prefer wood as a material for planters, you should choose teak. This type of wood, which is also used for shipbuilding, is weather-resistant and relatively easy to care for.

fleur ami offers teak planters in natural brown and in a greyed vintage look. With these planters, you can create a particularly homely atmosphere in your outdoor area.

Planters for the entrance area

The entrance area is the visiting card of the house. The first impression is decisive. A pretty planter has an inviting effect. Whether it's a square or round planter to the left or right of the front door. Or whether it is two planters positioned to the right and left of the front door is not decisive.

What is more important is that the planter and the planting match the style of the house and are not oversized. In addition, the planter should be made of weather-resistant material so that it can stand outside all year round.

Planters for hotels, restaurants & co.

A hotel is not a hotel and a restaurant is not a restaurant. For this reason, no generally binding statement can be made as to which planters are particularly suitable for the outdoor areas of hotels and restaurants.

The decisive factor is that the style of the interior is reflected in the outdoor area. The planter should definitely be an inviting eye-catcher that blends harmoniously into the overall concept.

Planters with a concrete look are particularly stylish. Planters (outdoor) in white look very elegant. If it matches the style of the house, planters made of teak in combination with stainless steel look extremely noble.

For example, larger, round planters or tall planters standing to the right and left in front of the entrance are popular. But square or round planters also cut a good figure together with a harmonious planting.

fleur ami has a very special eye-catcher for all entrance areas in hotels and restaurants: the word "Welcome" is carved out of the body of a cream-coloured, vase-like planter made of polystone in various languages. A planter can hardly be more inviting.

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