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Couch & Side Tables

A comfortable sofa and matching armchairs or a cozy living room landscape invite you to relax. Drinks and small snacks are often served for a chat with a girlfriend in the afternoon or a nice, communicative evening with friends. However, hardly anyone wants to balance their plate of biscuits or snacks on their knees while holding a cup or glass in their hand. If there is no storage option within easy reach, you as the host will probably be confronted with the perplexed and questioning looks on the faces of your guests. This does not have to be the case. A coffee table, coffee table or side table will quickly provide a remedy. The small, practical pieces of furniture make their grand entrance at these moments.

What distinguishes a coffee table from a dining table?

A coffee table is much lower than a conventional dining table. The seat and table surface are often on the same level. When you sit on the sofa or armchair, you can look unhindered at the television, the crackling fireplace or the group of guests.

The low height of the coffee table, which is often placed in front of the sofa, also keeps your view of your chic seating area unobstructed when you enter the living room.

Side tables are clever all-rounders

A side table is always there where it is needed. Not only in the living room do the practical storage tables prove to be useful helpers. The small pieces of furniture can be used in all rooms - from the hallway to the bedroom.

Do you know the following situation? You open the front door heavily packed, perhaps you have a dog with dirty paws or a whining child with you, and you don't know where to put the front door key so quickly. In any case, at least the key is safely deposited on a side table or a console and you can take care of the full shopping bags as well as the child and dog right afterwards.

In the bedroom, too, there are many things that you want to put aside quickly. If you come home tired from a party at night, for example, you can store your jewellery, the contents of your evening bag, your tie or other personal things on a side table until the next day. This way, everything is neatly arranged and nothing gets misplaced anywhere.

Coffee tables and side tables: practical & decorative

The useful helpers are often not visually obvious at first glance. Often, people's eyes are first drawn to a spacious living room suite, a stylish, powerful wardrobe or a large, expressive picture. However, this does not mean that couch and side tables are the "grey, inconspicuous mice" of your home furnishings. The opposite is the case.

If you take a look around the TINGO LIVING online shop, you will discover a wealth of exceptionally stylish couch and side tables that combine functionality with fascinating design. Let yourself be inspired click by click by the variety of different materials and partly unusual shapes.

Do you want your side table to be round and the material for your side table to be brass gold? Or do you prefer wood as the material for your side table and marble for your coffee table? At TINGO LIVING, no wish remains unfulfilled in this respect. On your virtual foray through the exquisite range of couch and side tables in the TINGO LIVING online shop, you are sure to quickly "click" and soon a very stylish piece could be enriching your home.

A couch or side table is much more than just a functional storage option. You can create a striking highlight with an extravagant, perfectly staged couch or side table in gold, marble, wood or brass. Or you can round off your interior harmoniously with a rather plain model.

Which you ultimately choose depends, of course, on your individual interior design style and personal preferences. In any case, the desired purpose and the matching design should be optimally coordinated

In the following, we give you a few suggestions in terms of material and shape. Perhaps you will find the decisive tip in your search for your new piece of furniture.

A coffee table with marble top

The unique texture makes marble a particularly noble material. At TINGO LIVING, high-quality, round marble table tops are combined with a powder-coated metal frame in subtle anthracite. The individual marbling of the table tops makes your marble couch or side table unmistakably unique.

The modern shape of the tables and the clear lines give your living room that certain something extra. A marble coffee table in grey and red looks particularly striking.

Wood is undisputedly one of the most popular materials

Wood is a popular natural material that radiates warmth and comfort. Oak is currently in particularly high demand. The TINGO LIVING collection therefore naturally includes an oak side table and an oak coffee table.

Lovers of retro design will certainly be thrilled by the side table available at TINGO LIVING with a round tabletop made of solid, dark oak and telescopic legs made of matt & carbon black metal.

For those who have a little more space and are enthusiastic about the rustic vintage look, take a closer look at the plain oak table with a solid square tabletop and four solid legs at the corners of the table at TINGO LIVING. It's hard to resist the charm of this piece of furniture in an industrial look.

Tree trunk furniture - you can't get more natural

With a tree trunk coffee table or a tree trunk side table, pure nature moves into your home. The coffee table tops, made of solid acacia wood in one piece and dyed black in a special process, are the absolute eye-catcher. The tables, each of which is unique, give your living space a very special flair.

Tables made of petrified wood - extravagant and durable

Tables made of petrified wood are also something very exclusive. You can choose between different models here. Square, compact and absolutely extraordinary in terms of surface design is a table block made of petrified wood with a brass base. Here, too, each table is unique. This piece of furniture is sure to trigger the "wow effect" with your guests.

The combinations of table tops with interesting frames and legs made of brass also look stylish. It is fascinating to know that material has been processed here that was once real wood millions of years ago. Many people have a brass side table. But not everyone has one!

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