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Garden benches

A garden bench is an enrichment of your living room in the green in many ways. For example, you can position it in your garden or even in the front garden as a decorative eye-catcher. A cosy, solo wooden bench is also often used as a retreat to switch off from everyday life and relax. Garden benches are also practical seating places at the dining table in the garden.

Buying garden benches online - what to look out for?

Buying garden furniture or balcony furniture online has many advantages. While you will often only find a limited selection in a retail shop, we offer you a wealth of choices. You will find extravagant pieces of furniture as well as timeless classics.

In between, go to your garden, terrace or balcony and think about where your new garden bench should stand, how you want to use it and which material and shape seem most suitable.

The new garden bench should fit harmoniously into its surroundings. If the rest of your garden furniture is modern, you will probably also prefer a plain design for your garden bench. If you like teak wood, you may also prefer teak wood for your garden bench.

Let yourself take sufficient time when searching. Without having to drive around a lot, you can choose and order your favourite piece undisturbed, comfortably and without time pressure from home. Transport is no problem either. The goods are delivered on the agreed date.

What does a garden bench cost?

Garden benches are available in all price segments. The price depends on the material used, the quality of the material, thequality of workmanship and thesize.

A simple bench made of plastic is already available for about 100 euros. For ahigher-quality product made of wood you should plan on about 1000 euros.

However, these are only rough guidelines. The decisive factors are quality and design.

Which material should a garden bench be made of?

You can buy garden benches in the various materials. What you ultimately choose depends largely on the budget available and your personal taste. The weather resistance and the required maintenance will also play a role in the decision.

A bench in the garden made of plastic is easy to maintain, but not necessarily an eye-catcher. Also garden furniture made of polyrattanis easy to clean and also UV and weather resistant. Especially in the area of lounge furniture, polyrattan is a popular and homely-looking material

If you choose metal as the material for your garden bench, you will also get a weather-resistant and easy-to-clean piece of furniture. However, if possible, opt for high-quality stainless steel or good-quality aluminium.

Most people choose wood as the material for their garden bench, either as a garden bench made of wood (solid) or as a garden bench made of wood in combination with stainless steel, aluminium or even stone.

Teak garden furniture is particularly decorative and also quite easy to care for and weather-resistant. A stylish teak garden bench combines functionality with a noble look.

Material combinationsof teak for the seat and stainless steel for the frame or of teak and glass fibre-reinforced natural cement for foot blocks fit perfectly into modern outdoor areas. Garden benches made of this tasteful mix of materials give your garden a very special flair.

Different types of garden benches

Not only in terms of different materials can you expect a wide range. You can also choose from a wide range in terms of type and shape.

A garden bench with backrest invites you to sit and relax. At the dining area, benches without backrests have also proved their worth - especially because of their flexible usability.

Something quite exclusive are garden benches without backrests, whose foot blocks, made of glass-fibre reinforced natural cement, protrude slightly at the end and at the same time have the function of an extravagant planter. Not everyone has such a stylish eye-catcher.

Combining garden benches with other garden furniture

If you combine your garden bench with a table and some garden chairs, you have the perfect dining place. On the garden bench you can make yourself comfortable in cosy togetherness. And everyone else can sit on comfortable garden chairs.

Low garden bench models fit perfectly into the lounge area. Cosy outdoor seating landscapes with a living room flair are very much in vogue.

Tables in combination with garden benches

Do you like beer garden furniture? Then a garden bench without backrest in combination with a rectangular, narrow garden table could be the perfect seating for you. Teak in combination with a stainless steel or aluminium frame looks particularly classy. Beer garden furniture does not always have to be rustic and simple. It can also be a little more stylish.

Tip: Do you like to celebrate parties? Higher garden bench models are an ideal complement to bar tables.

This way you can optimally coordinate table and garden bench.

We also recommend garden furniture sets consisting of a garden bench, garden table and garden chairs. Everything fits together perfectly and you can thus avoid possible wrong purchases when buying individual pieces.

Decorating garden benches

A special eye-catcher is a decorated garden bench. Garden benches with backrests are particularly suitable for this.

For example, place a vase or bowl with a flower arrangement in a corner of the seat. A wind light or lantern on or next to the garden bench are also very decorative. You can also embellish a garden bench with pretty, nicely arranged cushions and make it an eye-catcher.

But please do not overdo it. The same applies here. Less is more!

Cushions for garden benches

Cushions not only look good. They offer optimal seating comfort and thus contribute significantly to comfort.

Make sure that the cushions are suitable for outdoor use. The seat cushions must be water-repellent and UV-resistant.

A Velcro fastener provides the necessary fastening and prevents the cushions from slipping at the slightest movement.

The pads should also be removable by means of a zip. How quickly does a sip of red wine or ketchup land on the seat cushion and cause ugly stains? It is therefore important that the covers are easy to wash.

Garden bench with backrest or without?

For relaxing, a garden bench with a backrest is indispensable. It's the only way to sit back, relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature.

As seating furniture at the dining or bar table, garden benches do not necessarily have to have a backrest. On the contrary, benches without backrest can be easily and quickly moved as needed and are thus extremely practical.

How do I care for my garden bench properly?

Because of its permanent use outdoors, a garden bench should be weatherproof. Almost all materials from which garden benches are made fulfil this requirement.

As a rule, garden benches are weatherproof and easy to care for. It is usually sufficient to hose down the benches with water.

Even garden benches made of teak do not require much care. Regular cleaning with water and ph-neutral soap is sufficient. Only if you don't like the grey patina that forms on teak furniture after a while do you need to oil your garden bench every one to two years.

Stainless steel and aluminium are indeed corrosion-resistant. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to avoid the build-up of flash rust. Remove flight rust and other dirt as quickly as possible with water and a few squirts of washing-up liquid or pH-neutral soap.

Tip: There are also special care products for the care of teak. We can advise you on any questions that may arise.

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