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Garden tables

Finding the right garden table: Even the first rays of sunshine in spring invite you to linger outdoors. Spending time outdoors provides relaxation and joie de vivre. Pretty patio furniture transforms terraces and gardens into cosy living and dining rooms in the green. A chic-looking and at the same time practical garden table literally plays a central role in this.

Garden table - what to consider?

When buying a garden table, you should first consider exactly what purpose this piece of furniture is to fulfil. The space available should also not be disregarded.

Do you particularly want to have an outdoor dining area? The question of how many people should be able to sit comfortably at the garden table must also be clarified before buying.

You may also be looking for a matching lounge table for your garden lounge. With it, you can perfectly round off your cosy oasis of well-being in the greenery.

Do you like to party with friends? Then a bar table could be the right choice for you.

Perhaps you are also missing a storage area next to the garden lounger? Then a smaller side table is ideal.

You should also ask yourself what material the garden table should be made of. Both practical and visual arguments are of decisive importance here.

Different materials and material combinations

Garden tables are available in a wide variety of materials. But which is the perfect material?

The new patio table should be weatherproof, stable and as insensitive as possible. In addition, it should also blend harmoniously into the overall appearance of your terrace or garden.

Do you prefer wood for your garden table? Then a teak table is a particularly good choice. A material combination of teak and stainless steel looks very successful and elegant.

Aluminium is often combined with other materials for a garden table. This combination is also a good choice.

Garden furniture made of polyrattan is also popular. The wicker material is weatherproof, easy to care for and looks very homely.

An absolutely trendy material for side tables is glass-fibre reinforced natural cement - a material that looks like concrete. Side tables in concrete look are not only robust pieces of furniture, but also stylish eye-catchers.

Various sizes and shapes of garden tables

Do you only have a little space? Then your garden table should be small and manageable. Rectangular and narrow garden tables are ideal here.

To be able to sit and eat comfortably at the table, the garden table should have a height between 76 cm and 78 cm. Length and width are determined by how many people are to be seated at the table and how large the available space is.

You can sit particularly comfortably if the garden table is round. A round garden table has the advantage that no table legs get in the way when you sit down. If your garden table is round and made of wood, it also looks particularly decorative.

Garden table sets

A garden table set has the advantage that everything is coordinated. Chairs and table are made of the same material and fit together perfectly in terms of dimensions. With bar tables, for example, you always have the bar stools that match in height. In the case of lounge furniture, the sofa and armchairs are also optimally matched to the height of the lounge table.

Side tables, lounge table or extendable dining table?

A side table is an extremely practical piece of furniture. When you are relaxing on the garden lounger on a beautiful summer's day, a storage option next to the lounger is very helpful. You can safely place a cool drink, your favourite book or a few snacks there. It could hardly be more comfortable.

Pure relaxation is offered by cosy lounging landscapes in the open air. Lounge furniture in the garden is therefore absolutely trendy. A lounge table as an outdoor sofa table is the perfect complement to your lounge sofas and lounge chairs.

Do you spend most of your free time in the garden or on the terrace in a small circle? Then an extendable garden table is ideal for you. If you are alone, a smaller table surface is sufficient. If you are expecting visitors, the garden table should be large. With a few simple steps, you can extend the table surface of your extendable garden table accordingly and you will then also have enough space for your guests.

Garden tables for every style

Your garden table should fit perfectly with the rest of the ambience. Everyone has their own personal style of living, which is also expressed on the terrace and in the garden.

One person loves modern and simple furniture. The other likes it a little more cosy. No matter which style you prefer - the wide range of garden tables leaves hardly any wish unfulfilled. There is sure to be something to suit every garden lover.

Storing garden tables properly

When the days slowly become more uncomfortable in autumn, the question arises as to how the garden table can best survive the cold season in winter. Not everyone has the opportunity to store the good piece of furniture.

Here is some reassuring information. Garden furniture in concrete look, rattan, aluminium, stainless steel and teak can be left outside all year round - even in winter.

Stainless steel and aluminium are rustproof. Glass-fibre reinforced natural cement with a concrete look and rattan are extremely frost-resistant materials. Teak also has such a high oil content that no moisture can penetrate. This is why teak is also popular in shipbuilding.

If your garden table is made of one of these materials, you do not necessarily have to store it. However, protected storage is gentler and prolongs its useful life

Furniture made of other materials must be stored in a dry, cool and well-ventilated room. The material would otherwise crack and may become susceptible to mould.

How do I care for my garden table properly?

What care is required depends crucially on the material. All in all, the effort required is kept within pleasing limits.

Rattan furniture is extremely easy to care for. It is sufficient to hose them down occasionally with a garden hose. The best way to remove dirt from the plastic wickerwork is with a soft brush. A toothbrush is also suitable for this purpose.

Aluminium should also be sprayed regularly with a garden hose to soften dirt. For stubborn dirt, you can use ph-neutral soapy water or a special metal care product for cleaning. It is best not to let it get that far in the first place.

The best way to clean stainless steel is with a microfibre cloth. Dampen the cloth with a solution of distilled water and one or two drops of washing-up liquid and rub the stainless steel parts with light pressure. With regular cleaning, you can prevent flash rust from accumulating.

Teak wood is very robust and also easy to care for. Nevertheless, you should clean your garden table regularly and oil it if necessary.

For regular cleaning, you need water, a brush or sponge and ph-neutral soap. You should refrain from cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner.

Tip: If you don't like the grey patina that teak furniture takes on over time, you should oil the wood every one to two years. This way you will preserve the original colour of the teak wood.

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