Which furniture suits me?

The individual style of living vividly depicts the personal life situation, the way of living and special preferences. The furnishing of one's own four walls says a lot about the personality of the inhabitant.

When designing living spaces, you should allow yourself sufficient time. It is important to first find out which style of furnishing best suits you.

Do you particularly like Scandinavian design or do you prefer industrial furniture? Maybe the vintage style is also the right thing for you.

When making your decision, keep the following principle in mind: There is no right or wrong setup. Above all, stay authentic when choosing your home furniture and accessories. Furnish your living room or bedroom the way you really like it best. Only when you find yourself in your ambience will you feel comfortable there.

The selection of furniture is very large

Regardless of which style of living you ultimately decide on - the decisive factor in whether an apartment looks cosy and comfortable is the harmonious personal touch that you give your home.

Make an analysis which materials, shapes or colors suit you best. Collect ideas and be inspired.

Browsing is best in the well-assorted online stores of fleur ami and TINGO LIVING. Discover the variety of the most diverse interior design styles. You will find both the latest trend furniture and proven classics such as solid wood furniture.

Below we show you some of the styles of living that are particularly popular at the moment and inform you which features are typical. Get ideas from us on how you can give your four walls that certain something.

Tree trunk table furniture

Nordic furniture: Simple design with guaranteed well-being

The Scandinavian style of furnishing has enjoyed great popularity for many years. The simple, no-frills design is characteristic of the Nordic style of living. Not only the Danes like it "hyggelig", which means "comfortable". Get a bit of cosiness and Nordic joie de vivre into your four walls.

A lot of wood and other natural materials play an important role in the Nordic style interior. Preferably, furnishings are made of light-colored woods, mostly native to Scandinavia.

The often natural look and the vivid grain of the wood make the special charm of Scandinavian furniture. In combination with the very popular color white, the interior appears fresh and light.

In a living room furnished in the Scandinavian style, everyone immediately feels comfortable. The light wood radiates warmth and cosiness. Furniture covers and home textiles made of comfortable natural materials and cuddly skins additionally contribute to an extremely homely living atmosphere.

Of course, beautiful candles should not be missing in the home accessories. Hygge without candlelight is not possible!

Urban Design Interior

Urban furniture: Hip design with slightly tart charm

Industrial furniture is typical for the urban style. Rough but still cosy - that's a simple way to describe this trendy style of living.

Straight lines and a minimalist design are a characteristic feature of the industrial look. Objects made of cool-looking glass, metal and concrete as well as rather warm looking wood and leather - preferably in a high-contrast material mix - create a cool loft atmosphere. Dark shades such as brown, black or anthracite underline the austere charm of this furnishing style.

Industrial furniture should not look perfect. Rather, they should look like furnishings from factory buildings from the turn of the century. Scratched layers of paint, rust or visible welding seams are the "trademark" of the Industrial Look.

Living accessories such as old scales, rusty gears or weathered tin cans complete the factory hall look. The furnishing style, which appears very cool at first glance, is the result of a modern and individual lifestyle.

Solid wood furniture is not only something for nature lovers

Wood has always been a popular material for all kinds of furnishings. A particularly good choice is solid wood furniture.

Furniture made of solid wood is unique. Differences in color and structure of the surfaces, knotting or other irregularities make the special charm of solid wood furniture.

However, anyone who decides to buy solid wood furniture should be aware that wood is a natural material that lives and works. Fluctuating room temperatures should be avoided or compensated for as far as possible in order to minimize undesirable reactions - such as expansion or shrinkage of the wood.

The fact that solid wood is alive is on the other hand a great advantage. Solid wood furniture stores moisture and releases it again. Thus they influence the room climate in a positive way.

Moreover, the solidly built furnishings are an acquisition for life. Even future generations can still enjoy them.

Vintage Furniture: Old and yet fashionable

Vintage means as much as old or old-fashioned. Genuine vintage furniture are rarities, which are available at horrendous prices, especially at flea markets.

Vintage furniture is often referred to as Shabby Chic furniture. Signs of use, scratches and scrapes - the so-called used look - are typical for the Shabby Chic look.

Real antiques are unfortunately very difficult to obtain. Therefore, furniture in the Shabby-Chic-Look is industrially manufactured nowadays. New furniture is thus trimmed to old.

Furniture in shabby chic look is complemented by accessories such as tarnished silver cutlery, worn-out brass candleholders, filigree porcelain with floral design or tablecloths with natural motifs. The Shabby-Chic-Look sprays a breath of romance paired with nostalgic flair.

Outdoor furniture: The second living room in the green

In spring and summer life takes place preferably outside. Balconies, terraces and gardens are then in high demand.

The second outdoor living room should also be homely and comfortable. Comfortable garden chairs and loungers invite you to linger in the greenery. Particularly popular are spacious lounge landscapes, where you can chill out wonderfully.

To ensure that you can enjoy your outdoor furniture for a long time, it should be made of weatherproof, robust and easy-care material. Garden furniture made of teak or rattan has proven to be particularly hard-wearing. But metal and plastic are also very suitable materials for garden furniture.

Garden lounge furniture set teak

Buy furniture online

The range of stylish home furniture is almost overwhelming. It is not easy to find the right design for the interior.

Take advantage of the online offer of fleur ami and TINGO LIVING. From the comfort of your own home, you can browse through the virtual catalogs, gather information and compare. You will find the entire range of styles here.

Light-colored wood in straight lines defines the Nordic look. Dark metal in combination with warm leather is characteristic for the urban style. Furniture trimmed to old style is typical for the vintage style.

Memories of vacations in the country are brought back with the furniture made of oak or pine wood, which is characteristic of the country house style. And those who don't want to commit themselves exactly, set themselves up in a freestyle look.

Don't you have a concrete imagination of how the furniture you find on the Internet looks in real life? Then the furniture store TINGO LIVING offers you an excellent solution. The final decision can be made on site in the showroom.