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Garden Chairs & Sunbeds

Garden chairs for more comfort in the garden: A summer in the green living room without the appropriate garden chair is unthinkable. Garden chairs can be used flexibly and find space even on the smallest balcony. They are therefore the perfect pieces of garden furniture for enjoying the sun and nature outdoors.

Finding the right garden chair

Take your time when searching. First think about the intended use of the new garden chair.

If you want to sit relaxed in the garden, you should prefer high-back chairs or garden chairs. Lean back in it with pleasure and forget about everyday life.

Or are you looking for chairs for the dining table? Then chairs with upright backrests or cantilever chairs are the right thing.

Do you have very little space? Then small wooden stools are a good, space-saving alternative.

Another important aspect is the size of the garden chair. A bulky garden chair, for example, would be oversized on a small balcony. Therefore, make sure that the dimensions of the preferred garden chair also fit the available space.

In addition, the patio chairs should be comfortable, visually appealing and practical at the same time. And last but not least, you should definitely pay attention to quality.

What materials are available?

The range of garden chairs extends from simple plastic chairs to rattan chairs and elegant teak chairs in a material mix with stainless steel. There is therefore something to suit every requirement and every style.

Wood is a particularly popular material for garden chairs. This is not surprising. Wooden chairs in the garden impress with their naturalness and also have a pleasant feel.

Teak furniture is particularly popular. There are many good reasons for this. Teak garden furniture not only looks extremely decorative and elegant, it is also weatherproof and very easy to care for.

Have you ever thought about using metal (e.g. stainless steel or aluminium) as the material for the frame of your garden chair? This would also be a very good choice. Stainless steel and aluminium are also weather-resistant and easy to maintain. In combination with a seat and backrest made of high-quality fabric or cord weave, your garden chair or garden armchair becomes a visual highlight.

Wood and metal look particularly stylish in a mix of materials for garden chairs. A garden chair with a stainless steel frame, teak armrests and a chic, outdoor-suitable material for the seat and backrest will not only delight you.

How do I care for garden furniture?

Almost all materials - with the exception of some soft types of wood - are easy to care for. It is usually sufficient to damp wipe garden furniture with a little water, adding a few squirts of washing-up liquid or ph-neutral soap at regular intervals.

Metal garden chairs are corrosion-resistant, but rust often accumulates on metal. You should remove this as quickly as possible with water and washing-up liquid to prevent damage to the metal surface.

If you want to preserve the original colour of teak, you must oil the teak every one to two years. Otherwise a grey patina will form, which is not harmful to the wood but not to everyone's taste.

Tip: For teak, stainless steel and aluminium, there are also special care products for cleaning, refreshing and impregnating available in (online) shops. If in doubt, consult a specialist.

Which garden chair goes with which table?

If you want to eat at the garden table, you should be able to sit upright in a comfortable position on your garden chair. Chairs with straight backs that are not too high or cantilever chairs are best. The seat height of the chairs should match the table height.

Armrests provide extra seating comfort. Even if the chairs take up a little more space, you should not do without this detail.

Garden chairs with seat shells and garden chairs are more suitable for relaxing. Lounge tables that are not too low are a good addition here.

Garden chairs in a set

A garden chair set, which may also include a garden table or garden bench, is a particularly good choice if you want everything to come from a "single source". You don't take any risks, because everything - in terms of material and size - is perfectly matched.

Matching seat cushions for garden chairs

Seat cushions are not only a visual enrichment for your garden chairs. They also ensure the best seating comfort.

In any case, your seat cushion covers should be water-repellent. Also make sure that the covers are removable. That way, the covers can be washed without any problems.

Nowadays, there are fillings for seat cushions made of viscose-based, quick-drying outdoor foam. These allow moisture and water to drain away particularly well. Even after a rain shower, you can soon sit on the seat cushion again without worrying.

Stackable garden chairs for small gardens and balconies

Stacking chairs are an ingenious solution if you have limited space. Especially on balconies or small terraces, stacking chairs are extremely practical. When not in use, you simply stack the chairs on top of each other and gain space for other things.

When you think of stacking chairs, do you perhaps first think of less decorative plastic chairs? Don't worry! Even with stacking chairs, you no longer have to do without comfort and attractive, stylish design.

Garden chairs to suit every style of home

Your garden chair should match your lifestyle. The range of garden chairs is so diverse that there is something to suit every style of living.

Hibernate garden chairs properly

If your garden chair is made of stainless steel, aluminium, teak or rattan, you don't have to worry about getting it through the winter well. These materials are so weatherproof and frost-resistant that storage is not mandatory.

Do you still prefer to store your garden furniture? Then you should make sure that the storage room is dry, cool and well ventilated.

Order garden chairs conveniently online

There is nothing more comfortable than sitting comfortably in your living room and browsing our shop with your tablet. Instead of driving from one furniture shop to the next, you can browse through the range of garden chairs and make comparisons without any stress and at your leisure.

Take your time when looking for the right garden chair. No one will disturb you in the process. When you think you have found your favourite, reconsider your choice overnight and see the next day if that is still the case.

All these are great advantages of buying online. And you don't have to worry about transport either. Your desired furniture will be delivered to your home on the agreed date.

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