Garden and terrace furniture

They embellish the garden, offer a place to relax, eat together or sunbathe. Garden furniture allows the individual design of every garden, offers comfort and something for the eye. On balconies, terraces and on the lawn they make something special and inspire with their variety, durability and charm. Here you will find a variety of different tips for buying, maintaining and storing garden furniture and patio furniture. There is also a lot to consider when choosing the perfect garden furniture in terms of design and materials.

Where can you buy garden furniture?

Garden furniture, patio furniture and balcony furniture are available in various specialty shops, furniture stores, home improvement stores and similar stores. Here the garden furniture can be presented elegantly assembled and customers can try it out by sitting, lying down and touching it. This ensures a high level of satisfaction when making a purchase decision. There is also the possibility of ordering garden furniture on the Internet and having it delivered. Specialist dealers on the Internet have a wide range of products and can often offer favourable conditions. In addition, the furniture is delivered to you, and even larger order quantities are no problem.

What do you need to consider when buying garden furniture?

Garden furniture is not only beautiful and comfortable, but also has to withstand a lot. From strong sunlight, wind, rain and hail to considerable temperature fluctuations, they have to be able to cope with everything. It is therefore important to pay attention to quality and to follow the care instructions for the garden furniture exactly. This also includes an occasional new coat of paint on wooden parts and protection against excessive exposure to the elements. Especially in autumn and winter, when no one is comfortable in the garden lounge anyway, there should be a storage facility for the furniture. Numerous other accessories such as parasols or towels can also be purchased in colours and designs that match the garden furniture and round off the impression visually.

Various possibilities for garden, terrace and balcony

One of the favourite activities of many people in summer is extensive sunbathing. An attractively shaped sun lounger is recommended for this purpose, which is best combined with a lounger cushion. Those who prefer to sit together in a convivial atmosphere should not do without a garden table with matching garden chairs. For barbecuing together, eating cake or having breakfast in the best sunshine, it is a wonderful place to get together. A little more relaxed and quiet is what you get on a garden bench and on lounge sofas and lounge chairs. These can be the centre of a small island of peace, where you can chat together, read a book and recover from the hectic pace of everyday life. These islands of calm can be decorated according to taste with numerous plant ideas, parasols or similar decorative elements.

How do you recognise high-quality material for plastic furniture?

Weatherproof garden furniture is usually made of wood, plastic or aluminium. Plastic furniture is light, versatile and easy to clean with an all-purpose cleaner. High quality plastic furniture can be recognized by its low chalk content, sturdy components and noble appearance, which often imitates rattan or wood. Also garden furniture made of full plastic in bright colours can enrich many a garden. Garden furniture made of wood is the classic among garden furniture and impresses with its noble appearance. Teak garden furniture is durable and solid, because teak is one of the most weather-resistant woods. Acacia wood, robinia wood and rattan garden furniture also have very good weather resistance and are easy to clean and maintain. Garden furniture made of metal is the top performer in terms of weather resistance, because it is absolutely corrosion resistant. Moisture and sunshine don't stand a chance. Aluminium garden furniture is optically enhanced by a high-quality powder coating.

Garden table sets consisting of tables and chairs or benches

The best place to get together for a barbecue or coffee is at a garden table set. Such sets are particularly recommended, as the tables and chairs or benches are not only visually attractive, but also coordinated in terms of their height and workmanship. A garden furniture set of this type usually consists of a garden table and enough chairs or benches for an optimal number of guests seated at the table. The colour and design coordination ensures a harmonious appearance that will delight you for a long time.

Lounge furniture for the oasis in the garden

For relaxing together in the garden we recommend the purchase of some lounge furniture. On sofas and armchairs you can comfortably enjoy nature. The ideal solution is a coordinated sitting area that is slightly separated from the rest of the garden, both spatially and visually. A sunshade and a table in the middle of the sitting area also contribute to the feel-good atmosphere.

Relaxed sunbathing on the garden couch

For sun worshippers there is a wide range of garden loungers in a variety of materials and finishes. They differ not only in their appearance and the material used, but also in the processing. For example, if a sun lounger is to be moved frequently, it is advisable to buy a model with wheels on the rear feet. With these, the sun lounger can be easily turned with one hand or moved to another position on the terrace. The adjustability of the backrest and the workmanship of the armrests are also important components of the garden lounger, which should be matched to the physique of the owner.

How to clean the garden furniture properly?

Garden furniture is easy to care for, as it is exposed to the elements and must be able to withstand frequent cleaning. In most cases, a soft cloth and water with all-purpose cleaner will be sufficient to remove all stains that may occur during normal use. Wood furniture should also be impregnated occasionally with a special maintenance oil. Heavy soiling and patina on wood can be removed with sandpaper, but afterwards a wood stain should restore the protection of the furniture. Any rust stains on metal furniture can also be removed with emery paper and repainted with new varnish. In this way you make your patio furniture weatherproof.

Tips for storing garden furniture

If the garden furniture will not be used for several months, it is recommended to store it in a place protected from wind and weather. This could be in the house, in a garden shed or under a canopy. If this is not possible, there are suitable protective tarpaulins for all garden furniture, which can be pulled over them and attached to them. If several pieces of furniture are stacked on top of each other for reasons of space, a blanket should be placed between them as scratch protection.

Appropriate decoration

Numerous decorative elements can additionally embellish the seating group in the garden. For example, sophisticated lighting concepts can not only provide light, especially in the evening and night hours, but also offer a first-class ambience. For the seating area consisting of garden sofas and garden armchairs, matching cushions or blankets can provide additional cosiness. On garden tables, matching blankets can not only protect the table surface, but also contribute to the individualisation of the furniture.