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Shipping costs

We always use the shopping basket to determine the optimal shipping method for your order. To ensure that the items you order are delivered quickly and reliably, we work with DHL for parcel shipping, Dachser for Europe-wide freight forwarding and WCL Shipping for worldwide air freight shipments. In addition, you also have the option of collecting your ordered goods directly from us in Tönisvorst.
Note: All figures given here are gross incl. VAT.


from 0,00 € - 113,33 € / 5,95 € 

from 113,34 € - 749,99 € / 5,25% 

> 750,00 € / Free delivery

Package + Long package / Long package only

from 0,00 € - 113,33 € / 5,95 € 

from 133,34 € - 749,99 € / 5,25% (+7,50€)

> 750,00 € / Free delivery

Freight forwarding

from 0,00 € - 749,99 € / 63 € 

> 750,00 € € / free domicile


from 0,00 € / 10,0 %

Package + long package / long package only

from 0,00 € / 15,0 % 

Freight forwarding

from 0,00 € - 749,99 € / 20,0 % 


from 0,00 € - 119,00 € / 5,95 €

from 119,01 € - 749,99 € / 5,0

> 750,00 € / Free delivery

Shipping company

from 0,00 € - 749,99 € / 63 € 

> 750,00 € / Free domicile


from 0,00 € - 132,67 € / 9,95 €

from 132,68 € - 866,66 € / 7,5

> 866,66 € / forwarding agency

Freight forwarding

from 0,00 € - 999,99 € / 65 € 

> 1000,00 € / free domicile


from 0,00 € - 132,67 € / 9,95 €

from 132,68 € - 839,99 € / 7,5

>=840,00 € / forwarding agency

Freight forwarding

from 0,00 € - 741,18 € / 63 € 

from 741,19 € - 1199,99 € / 8,5 %

> 1200,00 € / free domicile


from 0,00 € - 129,50 € / 12,95 €

from 129,51 € - 629,99 € / 10,0

>= 630,00 € / forwarding

Forwarding agency

from 0,00 € - 614,63 € / 63 € 

from 614,64 € - 1499,99 € / 10,25 %

> 1500,00 € / free domicile

optional additional services

AVIS + 10,00 €

*Fairs, ports, islands and any applicable customs duties are generally excluded from the free domicile limit.

Deviating special agreements (e.g. traders)

If you have agreed individual conditions for shipping and delivery with us, you can access these after logging in with your personal user name and password at or in your customer account under the item "Shipping costs".

All other countries / Europe & World

For deliveries to all countries not listed above, we will make an individual shipping cost calculation as soon as we have received your request via the shop. To do this, simply fill the shopping cart and go through the check-out process with payment in advance. The calculated shipping costs will then be communicated to you in an offer.

Partial deliveries

For deliveries within Germany, we offer our customers a partial delivery of the order. This means that goods that are available at the time the order is received will be dispatched immediately (in the case of payment in advance, after receipt of the outstanding amount). All other items that are not available at the time of ordering will be dispatched immediately in a second delivery as soon as all outstanding items are available.

For deliveries outside Germany, we do not offer partial deliveries. This means that the goods will be dispatched as soon as all ordered items are available. If you would like a different solution, please contact our sales team.

Shipping costs for partial deliveries

The shipping costs for your complete order are calculated for the first delivery. No further shipping costs will then be charged for the subsequent partial delivery.

Information on delivery by forwarding agent

Our forwarding partners deliver Monday to Friday during normal office hours between 8 am and 6 pm. Deviating delivery times, scheduled deliveries and telephone advice can be arranged with us on request and in addition.

Additional services for forwarding delivery

We offer the following additional options for delivery by our forwarding agent:


Telephone AVIS / delivery notification

Return of Euro pallets

For an intact delivery of the order, we mostly use EURO pallets. As these are exchange pallets, the forwarding agent is obliged to return them to us. Therefore, we would like to ask you to remove the goods from the EURO pallet directly upon delivery, so that the truck driver can take them back immediately, or to have an exchange pallet ready. If an exchange is not possible, we will charge you a flat pallet fee of € 10.00 (plus VAT).

Delivery "free kerbside

The ordered goods will be delivered to the curb. This means that the goods will be made available to you on level ground in front of the property. Please ensure that you can receive the goods there. Please also note: Should any damage occur during the transport of the goods to your house or flat in the case of voluntary assistance by the lorry driver, fleur ami cannot be held liable for this. Any damage incurred must then be settled directly by you and the haulage company.

Check for possible transport damage

Please check the ordered goods and the packaging for possible damage directly upon delivery. Should you discover any damage:

Please note the damage, stating the time and date, on the service provider's delivery receipt or on our delivery note and have it signed by the truck driver.

Please make sure that the driver states his name clearly - ideally in block letters. If possible, please take a photo of the damage for documentation purposes.

Please contact your sales representative as soon as possible by email ([email protected]) or by phone +49 (0) 21 51-935 21-0 .

Please keep the goods in the original packaging for return/exchange.

Hidden defects must be reported to us within 3 working days after delivery. Otherwise, possible claims due to transport damage cannot be asserted. Please also contact your sales representative in this case.

Delivery time

Of course, we strive to guarantee the greatest possible availability of goods for you. Since we receive our products from production partners all over the world, delivery times vary greatly depending on the origin of the respective product. If one of the products you want is not immediately available, our online shop will show you a date when the desired item will be available again from our warehouse in the required quantity.

The standard delivery times for international shipments can vary greatly, please ask our sales team for the standard delivery time for your country. Delays can occur in rare exceptional cases due to traffic disruptions or errors by our logistics partners. However, this is usually very rare.

This allows you to narrow down the delivery date of the ordered goods.

Change of delivery address

Of course, you can also have your order sent to a different address. You have the option of specifying a different delivery address in the order process. If you wish to change the delivery address after completing the order process, please contact our sales team at +49 (0) 21 51-935 21-0.

Shipping costs

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* Tous les prix incluent la TVA, plus frais de port