you would like to place planters made of wood, ceramic or terracotta in the inside, but are afraid that the vessel will not be 100% leak-proof. and water damage can occur on the high-quality floors of your customers? Here we can help you with our plastic inserts. These are available in two colour variants and in various sizes and diameters and make sure that really every flower top is leak-proof and visually unattractive coasters become superfluous. Made of soft plastic, are they are very flexible and can be individually cut and bent to optimally line the inside of the planter. Time consuming and unsafe sealing with pond liner or silicone is now a thing of the past on. The plastic inserts also prevent lime deposits on the vessel walls and ensure less evaporation. Also as compensation for planting depths with columns or vessels they are optimally suited. A useful supplement to this are our polystyrene blocks: They are especially helpful with tall planters adjust the planting depth and thus save time and material.