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Home textiles

Even a smartly furnished flat looks bare and uncomfortable without textiles. Only a few pretty cushions, a cosy blanket or a chic carpet add that certain something. With living accessories from the home textiles sector, your home immediately looks cosier and more individual.

Cushions are decorative and comfortable at the same time

Let yourself be inspired by fleur ami's diverse range. With a chic decorative cushion, you can turn your couch, armchair or bed into an eye-catcher in no time at all.

Green and grey tones, which are currently on trend, are good to combine. From simple, only lightly patterned cushion covers to cushions with eye-catching geometric patterns, there is something to suit every taste.

Also, there is hardly a wish left unfulfilled when it comes to the material. High-quality cushions made of cotton velvet or faux fur invite you to snuggle up and relax. For furnishings with an industrial look, cushions made of recycled leather strips are the famous icing on the cake.

For furnishings with a country look, cushions made of recycled leather strips are the famous icing on the cake.

Those who love country-style interiors or prefer the Scandinavian look will be thrilled by the soft decorative cushions in a knitted look. Some people will be reminded of the handicrafts of their grandmothers or great-grandmothers.

Classics are decorative cushions in linen look. These simple yet elegant cushions fit almost everywhere.

Combining sofa elements individually

fleur ami offers you the opportunity to put together seating landscapes according to your own taste. The seating elements and matching sofa cushions are sumptuously upholstered and guarantee maximum seating comfort.

The elements are available in warm shades of grey and sand. Therefore, the seating landscapes harmonise excellently with many furnishing styles.

Blankets can be chic and cosy

A warming blanket is a real blessing, especially on cold days. Even a cosy evening watching TV after a hard day is much more relaxing when you can wrap yourself up in a soft blanket while lying on the sofa.

A plaid looks very decorative as a throw on the sofa or as a bedspread on the bed. However, make sure that your plaids match your sofa or armchair and your decorative cushions in terms of colour and material. In this way, you will create a harmonious overall picture.

Quilts made of high-quality viscose are extremely cosy. With their light, noble sheen, these blankets add a touch of exclusivity and extravagance to your living room. Faux fur blankets also look classy. The soft material also invites you to snuggle up and relax.

And for nostalgics and lovers of country house style, knitted blankets are the perfect accessory. These blankets not only look cosy, they are cosy too.

Of course, plaids are also suitable for outdoor use. When it gets a bit chilly outside, a plaid offers optimal protection from the cold. It is usually much cosier to snuggle up in a blanket than to put on a jacket.

Rugs should not be missing

Rugs have been part of home decor since time immemorial. Carpets fulfil a wide variety of functions. They can give structure to larger rooms, divide living and working areas and set homely accents.

With a pretty carpet, you can take the cool practicality out of a plain office room or study. The functional workspace becomes much more homely.

A fancy carpet makes living areas more lively. Tiles, parquet or laminate are given an interesting splash of colour.

A carpet can also be used to conceal small defects in the floor. A water stain on the parquet or a worn tile is easily concealed.

The sound-absorbing effect of carpets is also undeniable. And it is also much more pleasant to walk over a warm carpet than a cold tile.

Cowhides are an interesting alternative to classic carpets. With the brown-white and black-flecked bull skins, you can set natural accents in your living area.

Buy home accessories online

Even home accessories that add that certain something to the ambience should be chosen with a lot of care. Browse the online range from fleur ami in the comfort of your own home.

Choose what best suits your home and lifestyle from the wide range of home textiles. Enrich your living area with decorative yet practical home accessories.

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