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You have found your dream flat or house. The location is perfect. The room layout is perfect. Now it's time to find the right furniture for your beautiful new home. First ask yourself what you like and what suits your lifestyle. The answer to this is often not so easy.

Which style suits me?

Gather ideas! At fleur ami you can be inspired around the clock. Here you will not only find stylish living room furniture and dining room furniture, but also chic living room accessories and great home textiles.

Go on a discovery tour with fleur ami. Find out which furnishing style, colours and materials you can best identify with.

Fleur ami is the ideal partner for you.

Modern living room design or rather country style furnishings?

Every person is an individual. Personal preferences should also be expressed in the living and dining room furnishings. Only if the furnishing style suits you will you feel comfortable in your own four walls in the long run.

Take a foray through the world of furnishing styles. Gather information and ideas, take fleur ami by the hand as your companion and discover the many possibilities for furnishing yourself in style.

Scandinavian furnishing style

The Scandinavian style enjoys great popularity. This style of living is characterised by simple shapes and a straightforward, minimalist design. Natural materials such as wood and furs dominate. Not only light domestic types of wood such as pine or birch, but also the elegant tropical wood teak are used.

You quickly feel at home in a home furnished in Scandinavian style. Wooden furniture in warm tones and with the typical, beautiful grain in the wood, as well as cosy furs, ensure cosiness.


Modern home design

Modern shapes and clear lines are defining features of the modern home style. The design can be both classic and unusual. Modern living means multi-faceted living.

Country house style

Country house style furniture is currently in vogue. Especially in today's hectic times, the country house style brings a piece of nature and romance into the home. Light colours and natural materials are typical of the country house style. Also characteristic is turned, slightly ornate furniture.

Vintage style

For some time now, the vintage style, also known as Shabby Chic or Used Look, has been totally in vogue. Furniture with a vintage look is meant to look used. Therefore, faded colours, traces of use and rough surfaces - partly real and partly fake - are the decisive characteristic.

It should be inviting and cosy

We spend most of our time in the living room. There you and your guests should feel comfortable and be able to relax. Comfort is not a question of furnishing style. Rather, overall coherent furnishing is the be-all and end-all.

It is recommended that living and dining areas be visually separated from each other. Nevertheless, both areas should form a harmonious whole. A comfortable sitting area should by no means be missing from your living room. But increasingly, a living room table is gaining in importance.

A table that is as large as possible is increasingly becoming the communicative centre of family life. This is where people like to sit together to chat even after dinner. Children often prefer to do their homework at the living room table rather than at the desk in the children's room. A living room table also invites you to play sociable board games.

Make sure that your dining room table is sufficiently large.If you do not have the space, you should opt for an extendable table. If necessary, you can enlarge it accordingly. Benches and chairs are equally suitable for sitting. Benches require more space. Chairs are easier to move back and forth.

The furnishing of your seating area also depends on the space available. A living room landscape is undoubtedly very cosy. In a smaller living room, however, small two-seaters and comfortable armchairs can be the better choice. The room can quickly look cluttered and lose its cosiness.

fleur ami has a wide range of variable sofa elements and armchairs ready for you. Put together your own feel-good zone according to your personal preferences.

fleur ami has a wide range of variable sofa elements and armchairs.

Precious home textiles make for cosiness

A cosy sofa, comfortable seating, a small side table and other chic pieces of furniture certainly make a statement. But it only becomes really cosy in your four walls with beautiful home textiles.

With pretty decorative cushions on your sofa, you set homely accents. What's more, a few cushions at the back will make you feel much more comfortable on the couch.

fleur ami has the right cushion for every interior style. Lovers of the country house style will be thrilled by the soft knitted-look cushions in the "granny look". A cushion with leather trim goes well with furnishings in a hip industrial look.

A chic blanket as a throw on a sofa will turn it into a special eye-catcher in no time at all. And the blanket also has a practical use. On cold days, you can wrap yourself up in the cosy blankets.

Also carpets bring more comfort into your home. In addition to their decorative effect, rugs also have a practical use. It is much more pleasant to walk barefoot on a soft carpet than on a cold floor. And on top of that, rugs are also sound-absorbing.

Furs are not only a visual highlight for friends of the Scandinavian furnishing style. The brown-white and black-white spotted cowhides are an interesting alternative to carpets.


Home accessories add that certain something

You can set highlights with chic decorative elements. Both stylish pieces of furniture and typical home accessories such as vases, sculptures and the like can function as homely decorative objects.

A column made of wood, an exclusive console, a chic side table or a solo armchair are extremely decorative elements that attract admiring glances. You can add even more flair to your home with exclusive vases, pretty plants or atmospheric illuminated objects.

Again, fleur ami has plenty to offer. Choose one or the other unusual decorative piece from the abundance of exceptional objects.

fleur ami
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