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Planter wood

Wood is a natural material that is indispensable for garden design. The warm wood colour radiates warmth and homeliness. But not only garden furniture, arbours and carports are made from this sought-after natural product. Wood is also very popular for planters.

A harmonious overall picture with wooden planters

Plants as a product of nature come into their own particularly well in a natural product, such as a wooden planter. The green of the plants and the warm, brown natural colour of a wooden planter harmonise excellently with each other.

The distinctive, fascinating grains of the most diverse types of wood make wooden products lively and unique. A wooden planter for outside will always attract admiring glances with its natural flair.

Garden furniture, planters, patio made of wood: All this makes for a harmonious overall picture that makes the hearts - especially of nature lovers - beat faster.

With planters made of wood you can on the one hand design your garden rustically. But you can also give your green living room a modern and elegant touch with stylish planters made of fine wood - e.g. with a teak planter.

fleur ami has interesting solutions for you in this latter area. Let yourself be inspired in the online shop of fleur ami.

Are wooden planters winterproof?

Whether your wooden planter is round, high, square or rectangular - the beautiful, natural material makes your planters a decorative eye-catcher. In order to preserve the chic look of your planters for a long time, you should check in good time whether your planters are winterproof.

Hardwoods such as acacia and teak are especially weatherproof. Even without special care, wooden tubs made of these types of wood defy even adverse weather conditions and can be left outside all year round without hesitation.

Softer wood, on the other hand, reacts much more sensitively to moisture and frost. However, pre-treatment in the form of pressure impregnation or regular protective coats will make your favourite piece much more resistantr and considerably increase its lifespan.

If in doubt, it is better to play it safe. If you have the possibility to store your planters during the winter without any problems, you should do so. However, make sure that the winter storage is dry, cool and well ventilated.


Natural privacy protection with tall wooden planters

No matter how nice your neighbour is... Especially those who have terraced house gardens close to each other would like to enjoy their terrace undisturbed and without direct eye contact with the neighbour.

Of course, you can plant a hedge as a view screen. However, a partition made of decorative planters is more beautiful and also more flexible.

Choose attractive wooden planters - rectangular, narrow and tall - place them next to each other at the property boundary and plant the tall planters individually and according to need.

Planting boxes with a frame made of stainless steel are particularly elegant. The privacy screen, which is intended to intercept the neighbour's glances, thus becomes a noble eye-catcher in your garden.

Wooden planters are often used as space dividers, especially in gastronomic outdoor areas space dividers play an important role.

With planter boxes, areas can be separated and cosy niches can be created. Elements that can be moved on rollers and used flexibly are particularly practical here.

Even in large private gardens, green, decorative partitions can provide more structure. Functionality can thus be combined with visually appealing design.

Creative design possibilities with wooden planters on castors

A round or square, nicely planted wooden planter makes a very good eye-catcher in a corner of the terrace. However, if you ever need or want to move this wooden XXL planter to the side, you will find that this is hardly possible.

You can have it easier. A set of castors, concealed under the planter, makes moving large planters child's play. If the planter is not already equipped with castors as standard, you can purchase a castor base as a useful accessory.

Without any effort, even oversized planters can then be rearranged again and again to set new accents. No lifting & no lumbago - this makes garden design fun!

What advantages do planters offer as raised beds?

A raised bed has many positive features. It sets accents in the garden or on the balcony, it can be planted comfortably in an upright position and it offers the plants optimal growing conditions.

The big advantage is that a raised bed requires relatively little space and can be placed almost anywhere. Even city dwellers can fulfil their wish of having their own herb or vegetable patch with a raised bed on the balcony. However, the statics on the balcony must be right!

In the garden, raised beds are popular design elements. They can act as privacy screens, demarcate areas or simply serve as decorative eye-catchers.

The elegant tall teak planters in combination with frames made of stainless steel by fleur ami are absolute eye-catchers. Matching fibreglass inserts facilitate planting and also make the containers leak-proof.

You can thus plant your high wooden tub without any problems. Whether you choose colourful flowers, fresh herbs or attractive green plants - there is room for everything in the raised bed.

Which wood is suitable for planters?

Which type of wood is ultimately preferred depends on taste, the type of use and also the available budget. Generally speaking, softer wood species such as pine and spruce are more sensitive than harder wood species.

Whoever opts for planters made of softer wood species must weatherproof the planters with an oil treatment or with paintings. Some people combine the necessary with the pleasant. If there is a desire for change, the planter is simply sanded down and repainted white, neutral or coloured.

If you choose teakwood as the material for the planters, you don't have to worry so much about weather resistance and care. Teak is an extremely robust wood that is resistant to moisture and also frost.

fleur ami has high-quality teak planters in a natural brown or grey vintage look available for you. The noble wood grain and the modern shapes of the offered planters give your garden that certain something.

Care for planters properly

Plants made of soft wood require much more care than planters made of hardwood, such as teak. It should go without saying that all planters - no matter what material they are made of - should be regularly cleaned of dirt with a hand brush or a brush.

Plant pots made of pine and comparable types of wood also need a new coat of paint at regular intervals. Untreated wood is very sensitive and can be damaged by prolonged moisture.

Teak containers, on the other hand, only need to be oiled every one to two years if you don't like the grey patina that forms over time. But that is more of a visual problem.

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