Planters XXL

Planters XXL are a special eye-catcher in indoor and outdoor areas. Are you looking for an extra high plant pot of 100cm or more as a privacy screen? Or a large, angular plant pot as a highlight for the garden, terrace or restaurant? With us you will certainly find what you are looking for.

Here you can find out everything you need to know when buying an extra large plant pot.

Plant pot in XXL - Plant pot large

Decorative greenery makes your home, office or garden more liveable. Prove a little courage when designing your environment.

Instead of getting bogged down with a lot of small planters, you can score points even on small areas with a single XXL planter as a special eye-catcher.

If you are looking for stylish large plant pots or even XXL flower pots to embellish your surroundings, fleur ami is the place to go.

What are XXL planters?

Plant pots XXL are of course oversized plant pots. These can be very large planters with a particularly large volume. However, they can also be planters of above-average height.

How do I find the right planter XXL?

Before you start looking for a large planter, you should think carefully about what purpose you want to use it for. Should the XXL planter be placed inside or would you like to use the XXL planter outside?

Then ask yourself whether you would like to have a stylish eye-catcher especially for decorative purposes or whether the plant giant should have a practical use - e.g. as a privacy screen or partition.

Materials Plant pot large

Plant pots - even oversized ones - are offered in a wide variety of materials. If the plant pot is intended for outdoor use, the material should not only appeal to you visually. You should also make sure that the material is weatherproof and frost-resistant.

Planters made of fibreglass are becoming increasingly popular. On the one hand, fibreglass products impress with attractive surface designs, beautiful colours and various shapes. In addition, the low dead weight is an advantage that should not be underestimated, especially for oversized planters.

Plant tub XXL concrete

Frost resistance and weather resistance also ensure unlimited outdoor use, even in the winter months. In a way, fibreglass plant pots could be called an all-rounder among planters.

Conjure up a homely atmosphere with teak planters. This material is not only optically very appealing, but also very suitable for outdoor use due to its weather resistance.

Teak is often combined with stainless steel elements. This looks particularly noble and elegant.

Planters made of concrete are also in vogue. However, this is not concrete as we know it from house building, but glass fibre reinforced natural cement.

Plant tub XXL concrete

When we talk about XXL concrete planters, we are not necessarily talking about pure concrete. It is often fibre cement, a mixture of fibreglass fibres and cement.

Both indoors and outdoors, planters in concrete look are very much in vogue. Straight lines and simple shapes are characteristic for planters made of fibre cement. Lovers of a modern interior design style will get their money's worth here.

Fiber cement is a material that is particularly suitable for outdoor use. Due to its frost resistance and weather resistance, an XXL plant pot made of fibre cement can be used outside all year round.

Wooden planter XXL

Oversized wooden planters

Wood products radiate comfort, warmth and cosiness. Teak planters are particularly recommended. Teak planters create a special flair both indoors and outdoors. The natural material gives even oversized planters a certain optical lightness.

Plant pot XXL for the garden

Terraces and gardens look immediately more inviting with decorative planters. An absolute eye-catcher is a plant pot that is extra large. Palm trees, box trees, bamboo and other tall and/or lush solitary plants become a mobile highlight in your green living room.

Large plant pots are also ideal for creating a herb bed or a tub bed. A planter box, tall and rectangular, is also the ideal raised bed.

In very large gardens XXL planters can be used to bridge long distances. Many small planters would not show the garden area to its best advantage and would look very unstable.

Plant pot large as visual protection

Row house gardens in particular often stand close together. It is often not easy to maintain privacy and protect yourself from unwanted neighbours' glances. A hedge or a wall can help here. But a flexible, green privacy screen is much better.

Place several tall, oblong and rectangular planters next to each other on the border with the neighbour. It is best if the planters are 100cm high or if possible even higher. Plant the planters in such a way that an effective privacy screen is created. You can vary the planting according to the season.


Various shapes of large planters

Planters XXL are also available in many different shapes. Which shape you ultimately choose depends on your personal taste but also on the type of planting.

If you wish to have a screen planting, your plant pot XXL should be rectangular, oblong and as high as possible. This shape is also very well suited as a room divider - both indoors and outdoors.

Square XXL planters are very popular. The shape is timeless, easy to place and will give you many years of pleasure. Small trees - e.g. citrus or olive trees - are particularly effective.

If your plant pot XXL is round, you can position it excellently solo. In a corner of the terrace or next to the front door the round giant becomes a decorative eye-catcher.

Planter XXL in different colours

Oversized planters are already very dominant and look very impressive per se. For an XXL planter, for example, anthracite is a discreet, elegant and timeless colour.

The warm brown of teak wood vessels has a homely effect. These are often also offered in a stylish, grey vintage look. White, black or terracotta coloured vessels also look chic. In the end, your personal taste decides. It is important that the overall concept in the house or garden is harmonious.

In the hotel and catering sector, colours can also be a little more exclusive and eye-catching. A designer plant pot XXL in silver or gold will certainly remain in the guests' memory for a long time.

Planter XXL Indoor

A giant planter in the indoor area is an absolute eye-catcher. Choose a place where your planted XXL pot can have an effect for you.

XXL planters are also very suitable for dividing rooms and separating areas. For example, a large living room with an XXL planter can be cleverly divided into a dining and living area.

In offices, too, large planters are often used to separate workplaces in a decorative way. In addition, plants also have a sound-absorbing effect. Green room dividers are therefore the ideal solution.

Planter XXL white

Planter XXL with castors

Anyone who has ever tried to move a lushly planted pot in XXL format from A to B will appreciate rolls under oversized planters. Plant pots on rollers can be moved back and forth without any particular effort. Your back will thank you for it!