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Relaxation, luxury, strong design and cosiness in one brand? Pad has taken up the deep-rooted desire for atmospheric and at the same time engaging decoration with useful elements. The result is collections full of passion that stand for enrichment of daily life in the form of home accessories. The name of the young company was not chosen by chance. "Pad" is the English name for cushion and it is cushions that contribute significantly to the feel-good factor of everyday life.

Pad developed purely by chance from a fateful encounter. Once developed for a customer, a collection of home accessories was created, which fate then brought into the hands of the current founder. The first step towards success was taken around ten years ago, and today Pad is already one of the most important exporters of lifestyle products on the international market.

Pad scores not only with chic designs

Yet its success has not changed founder Michael Rossmann, but has even strengthened his pronounced penchant for social issues. His charity activities and the empathetic ability to always adapt to the wishes of customers make Pad a very special project.

The development of the unique designs for home accessories does not happen by chance. It is the special intuition of the strong team that makes the precise development of perfect collections possible. Knowing what the other person needs before the other person knows it himself is one of the concepts of success on which Pad is based.

In 2022, the young brand was therefore pleased to receive the Game Design Award Special. Pad clearly focuses on class instead of mass. It is better to place a few luxury segments on the market than to publish a collection that has only been designed with half a heart. "Do it with love or not at all" is a slogan that the company has anchored very deeply.

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