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Corten steel room divider, 78 x 28 x 78 cm

Item number: 28644

Discover the Corten steel plant cube, a robust and stylish addition to any outdoor area. Its unique color palette from orange to brownish, combined with the natural rust patina, gives it an unmistakable charm. unmistakable charm. Please note that color deviations from the illustrations are possible, as the natural rusting process is individual. rusting process takes place individually. This handmade, frost-resistant and UV-stable plant cube made of Corten steel is ideal for plant lovers who value longevity and aesthetics.

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At a glance

  • Handmade
  • UV Stable
  • Plant insert optional
  • Outdoor
  • Frostproof

Material Info & Features

Product description

The "Corten steel" room divider is an excellent example of the combination of functionality and aesthetic design in your outdoor area. Made from robust and weather-resistant Corten steel, this room divider is not only a practical element for interior design, but also an artistic statement. The characteristic orange-brown coloration, which develops from the natural rust patina of the Corten steel, gives the room divider a unique and warm charm.

Corten steel is a special type of steel that combines iron with additives such as copper, phosphorus, silicon, nickel and chromium. This composition allows the steel to form a protective layer of rust when exposed to the elements. This rust layer acts as a natural protection against further rust, extending the life of the room divider. The room divider will become even more beautiful over time as it develops a richer patina that reflects its history and interaction with the environment.

The dimensions of the divider, with a length of 78 cm, a width of 28 cm and a height of 78 cm, make it a versatile element in your garden or on your terrace. The inner length and width are 74 cm and 24 cm respectively, with a planting depth of 76 cm. An optional plastic insert is available, which is recommended for indoor use to prevent water leaks. The room divider is frost-resistant and UV-stable, making it suitable for all seasons. A drainage hole is also provided for outdoor use to prevent waterlogging.

Each room divider is handmade and weighs 23 kg, which underlines its solid and stable construction. This handcrafted product not only offers a practical solution for dividing space, but also a decorative addition to your outdoor area that exudes style and elegance.

More product details

Item name: Corten Stahl
Function: Plant cubes
Material: Metal
Color designation: rust
Finish: Patina
Form: Divider
Length: 78 cm
Length inside: 74 cm
Wide: 28 cm
Width inside: 24 cm
Height: 78 cm
Planting depth: 76 cm
Plant insert: Plastic insert optional
UV stable:
Planting volume: 166 l
Weight: 25 kg

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