Plant pots are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, which means they offer a wide range of possible uses. The use of certain plant pots as room dividers or raised beds is becoming increasingly popular. Plant pots room dividers are not only decorative, but also very functional as an attractive room divider, sound insulation or privacy screen.

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Plantable room dividers

A room divider in the restaurant, office, home or café: rooms always look more attractive if they are harmoniously furnished and have a certain structure. Plantable room dividers are a nice way to achieve this.

The Dividers have many advantages and are very easy to handle. They are available in countless variations. So you can choose the perfect room divider for your needs from a wide range of offers. The versatile room dividers are also suitable for outdoor use. For example, they divide up your courtyard or garden and fit naturally into the overall picture.

Whether you use the room divider free-standing or in combination with other furnishings is entirely up to you.

What are room dividers?

Room dividers are suitable for many rooms - in the office, for example, they serve as a dividing element between individual workstations and in larger rooms as a structuring into different areas.

In cafés, the room dividers can ensure that there is a certain degree of privacy and sound insulation. The room dividers outside in the garden or in the courtyard also help to divide the rooms and provide a better overview. This way you can separate the seating area in your home garden and ensure a lot of cosiness.

The sophisticated room dividers are available in many shapes, colours and materials - so they can be adapted to every need and taste.

Plant pot as room divider

Room divider with planter box

The room dividers with flower pots from fleur ami are something very special: they are elongated flower pots that come in a variety of sizes. They can therefore be flexibly adapted to any room and any outdoor area. The big advantage is that the pots can be planted with flowers and different plants as desired. In this way, the focus is not only on the practical use of the room dividers, but much more: For example, every room is transformed into a green oasis and the indoor climate is improved sustainably. The room dividers can completely change the character of a room for the better. They serve as a natural decorative element and bring additional liveliness, colour and cosiness. The visual calm of a room is also sustainably supported by the plants. Heating costs can even be saved in the long run, as people feel comfortable in a pleasant humidity level even at lower temperatures.

Which plants are suitable for the room dividers?

The planting options for the room divider are as varied as the possible applications. At fleur ami there are different inserts for the flower pots. This means that plants can be exchanged easily and flexibly and adapted according to the season. Floral arrangements add a lot of colour and cheerfulness to the use of the room dividers. Thanks to the inserts, regular changing of the flowers and planting are very easy. Especially easy to care for are evergreen plants, which in the best case and with the right care do not need to be replaced. They provide a pleasant humidity level and eliminate problems such as headaches, eye irritation and concentration difficulties that can be caused by too dry air.

Room divider on rollers

So that the planted room dividers are particularly easy to move, there are practical accessories such as stable castors that can be fitted under the flower pot. This way you can be sure that the placement of heavy partitions can be changed flexibly at any time - for example, if they are already planted. So if you feel like a change and want to redesign your room, the room dividers will not get in the way.

Plant tubs Concrete room divider

Room divider for the café; room divider for the office and the home

Whether in the office, in restaurants or at home: natural and playful structuring is good for every room. For example, a room divider in the living room makes for a beautiful division. This way you can create a cosy reading corner and enjoy a beautiful book in your green oasis. A room divider in a restaurant can mark seats, provide a little privacy for guests and add character to a large room. Room dividers in an office can mark and structure workstations. Of course, it is especially nice if the room is still green in this way, thus improving the working atmosphere. Natural air humidification and visual calm ensure a healthy working environment.

Room divider as sound insulation

Especially in an office shared by several people, sound insulation can be very important. This allows you to work together as colleagues in one room without being distracted too much by other people's phone calls. In many open-plan offices this is apparently difficult to implement. However, a green room divider can significantly improve the room acoustics. The general noise level is reduced because the sound is absorbed and any reverberation is attenuated.

Room divider as privacy protection

Especially in large, open spaces it is often important to create places of retreat. This applies to the office, cafés, restaurants and your own home. Green room dividers are particularly suitable for ensuring that the openness of the room is not lost while still providing a certain amount of privacy and structure. The plants provide a permeable screen and at the same time an optical eye-catcher. The green colour has a calming and refreshing effect - a visual calm spreads throughout the room. Curious looks from outside can also be avoided in the garden with the green room divider and a private sitting oasis can be created for moments with friends and family.

Variants of room dividers

The fleur ami online shop offers a wide range of planters that are wonderfully suited as separators. The pots are generally elongated elements, but they have different dimensions depending on use and taste. If you want to enhance the natural look of green room dividers, a wooden room divider is just the thing for you. For example, a room divider made of sustainable teak can be particularly suitable for the garden or the catering area. The wood has a particularly high-quality and modern look, while still providing a natural atmosphere outdoors. Concrete-look room dividers are suitable for offices or restaurants in an industrial, urban style or for outdoor use.

Room divider in design

Please feel free to look around for the different possibilities to design your premises or outdoor area. From natural, rustic yet cosy looking wood to urban concrete look, there is a lot to discover. For those who like it particularly elegant, there is also a model with a matt or glossy gelcoat coating. This not only ensures a high-quality look: the coating makes the material waterproof and weather-resistant. Different colours bring the desired effect to your café, your office or your home. The room dividers can also be used on the balcony and provide a holiday feeling with colourful flowers and green plants.