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Dining tables

Which dining table is the right one? A dining table is more than just a tabletop with legs. Increasingly, the dining table is the communication centre of the home. Meals are not only taken at the dining table - alone, as a couple or in cosy company. Nowadays, people also like to stay at the dining table after meals to chat, laugh or discuss. Children like to do their homework or handicrafts at the living room table. And a large dining table also invites you to play sociable board games. The question of which dining table is the right one is therefore becoming increasingly important. A dining table is more than just a table for eating.

How big should a dining table be?

First of all, you should measure how much space you have available for a dining table. Then, in the next step, you should consider how many people usually sit at the table and how many guests you usually want to sit at the table with.

For each place setting, calculate a table width of approx. 60 cm and a depth of approx. 40 cm. Add about 20 cm to the depth for decorations, bowls and serving dishes.

Rectangular dining tables should therefore have a depth of at least 90 cm. 100 cm is better. The length of a dining table inevitably depends on the length of the room. However, the table should not be much shorter than 200 cm. If the dining table is extendable, you have a good alternative in this respect.

The upper limit then depends on the space available. However, bear in mind that a table that is too long could also become uncomfortable. A length of 220 cm to 260 cm is optimal for most households.

If the dining table is round, the diameter should not be less than 120 cm. However, about 160 cm is more comfortable.

How high are dining tables?

The table height depends crucially on the seat height of the chairs. The common seat height of dining chairs is around 48 cm.

There should be enough space between the seat height of the chair and the edge of the table. Normally, about 30 cm is estimated for this.

According to these average measurements, the perfect table height is between 74 cm and 78 cm. Perfect in this context means that it is the standard size.

Which material to choose for the dining table?

The choice of material depends in particular on the style of furnishing. Wood is particularly popular for the dining table.

A wooden table is very decorative, radiates homely cosiness and has a pleasant feel.

Solid wood furniture is particularly durable and of high quality. The classic here for the dining table is solid oak.

Whether you choose oak, pine, teak or a completely different material for the dining table depends on your personal taste and the rest of the furniture in your living room.

The choice of materials - from glass to stone to wood - is huge. Let yourself be inspired and find out whether wood or another material is the right choice for you.

Eating table with chairs or bench?

Chairs can easily be moved away or pushed aside. They are therefore very flexible to use.

A bench, on the other hand, needs its fixed place and also a little more floor space. However, a bench is particularly comfortable to sit on.

A dining table to suit every interior style

Everybody has their own lifestyle and interior design style. For some, the dining table should be modern, simple and perhaps a little extravagant. Others like it rustic.

The modern industrial look is particularly popular at the moment. Vintage styled dining tables or country house style dining tables are also in vogue.

Simple shapes are timeless. The Scandinavian furnishing style has therefore been a classic for many years.

The diverse range meets almost all requirements and ideas. And if you prefer to have it completely individual, you can have your table made according to your own ideas. A wide variety of frames and table tops are available for this purpose.

At present, tree trunk tables assembled according to one's own wishes are something out of the ordinary. The table top consists of a tree slice that is sawn from a tree and then planed and sanded. You choose a matching frame made of sturdy tubular steel to go with it. This extravagant work of art of nature is an absolute highlight. Your visitors will be fascinated. Let yourself be inspired. Whatever you like is allowed!

Different shapes of dining tables

The rectangular shape is most often chosen for the dining table. This table shape - depending on its length, of course - does not require too much space.

Round tables are particularly cosy, as they are excellent for communicating with everyone at the same time. However, a larger footprint is required here.

Country-style dining tables often have practical drawers. They can be used to store frequently used cutlery, for example.

A high bar table, for example with a trendy concrete tabletop, creates a relaxed atmosphere. Matching bar stools invite casual get-togethers


For those who love the rustic and have an appropriately large dining area, a robust monastery table may be just the thing. At these extra-long tables, you can dine comfortably and cosily in a large group, just like in the Middle Ages.

What materials are available?

Table tops are made of a wide variety of materials. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages.

Tabletops made of glass look somewhat cool, but at the same time very elegant. One disadvantage is that the surface scratches easily and fingers often leave unsightly marks.

Stone dining tables are very stylish. However, they are absolute heavyweights.

Wood, on the other hand, is a very warm, homely material and, as a result, wooden tables are often in demand. Provided the veneer layer is not too thin or, even better, if the table top is made of solid wood, scratches can be removed by sanding.

Popular types of wood are oak, teak and pine. Acacia wood is preferred for so-called tree trunk tables.

Stable tables are also often made of recycled teak or untreated oak. For country house tables, mostly leached pine wood or whitewashed oak wood is used.

Metal is often used as a material for table bases. Both glass table tops and wooden table tops often have a base made of easy-care stainless steel. The high-quality metal frames ensure stability and give the tables a modern touch.

Care tips for dining tables

Glass and stainless steel are best cleaned with water and a little washing-up liquid.

Discoloured teak can be cleaned, lightened and impregnated with special commercially available care products.

For surfaces made of granite, marble and building stone, the trade has products available that repel dirt, water and moisture.

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