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Dining chairs & benches

At the dinner table you first meet with family or friends to eat together. But that is by no means all the activities that can be developed at the dining table. The dining table is increasingly becoming the social centre of daily life. After a meal together, people often remain seated at the dining table in convivial company and stimulating conversation. In addition, people like to play, do handicrafts and work at the dining table. Anyone who spends so much time at the dining table naturally wants a dining chair that offers as much seating comfort as possible. When you buy dining chairs, you should therefore make sure that they have the right seat height and seat depth as well as good upholstery. 

Large selection of dining chairs at TINGO LIVING

You are still undecided about what material your new dining chair should be made of and what shape it should have? Then take a look around the fleur ami® and TINGO LIVING online shop. We offer a wide range of chicly designed chairs made of different materials and in many different shapes.

From cantilever chairs with armrests made of high-quality leather to armchairs with attractive microfibre or velvet covers to classic chairs with fabric covers in a coarse linen look, there is something to suit every taste and interior style.

In the following, we give you a brief overview of which dining chairs are currently in vogue as well as tips on what you should consider when buying dining chairs. Let yourself be inspired You are sure to find your favourite chair at our TINGO LIVING brand that appeals to and satisfies you in terms of both functionality and design.

The proportions must be right

The comfort of dining chairs does not only depend on the material. It is much more important that the proportions of the seat, backrest and armrest fit. Quality is known to pay off. The high-quality chairs that you purchase from TINGO LIVING are ergonomically shaped throughout and meet even the highest demands.

Which chair has the optimal characteristics cannot be answered in a general way. Some people swear by a plain wooden chair. Others - and this probably applies to the majority - like it a little more comfortable. A dining chair with a backrest and possibly also on the sides and good upholstery is what most of us expect from a comfortable dining chair.

But you and your guests will only feel comfortable at the dining table, even on the most comfortable chairs, if there is enough space. You should therefore allow 60 cm to 70 cm in width for each seat. Then everyone has enough room to move Bear in mind that dining chairs with armrests take up more space than chairs without armrests.

If you don't have as much space but don't want to do without armchairs altogether, the following compromise could be a good solution. Alternate between chairs with armrests and chairs without armrests. This saves space and also looks very relaxed.

Free-swinging chairs offer seating comfort with panache

Free-swinging chairs offer a particularly high level of seating comfort. In contrast to conventional chairs with 4 legs, cantilever chairs have a frame in a so-called sledge shape. Due to this special construction, the sitting position is not as rigid as with normal chairs. Instead, the chair bounces in a most pleasant way when you sit down and when you stand up, thus ensuring an exceptionally good sitting experience.

The most comfortable cantilever chairs are armchairs. You don't have to think about what to do with your arms at the table. As we all know, resting your elbows on the table is not good manners. Instead, you can let your forearms rest completely relaxed on the armrests during meal breaks.

If you choose cantilever chairs for your dining room, make sure you allow enough space to the back. Since the chair swings along, you automatically move backwards a little with the chair when you sit down and stand up.

A leather cantilever chair is particularly stylish. The cantilever chairs from TINGO LIVING all have seat and back surfaces made of high-quality buffalo or wax leather in an attractive colour scheme. The ergonomic upholstery of the seat and back sections as well as the additional upholstery with leather covering on the armrests guarantee optimum sitting pleasure.

Tip: In combination with chic brass-coloured or anthracite-coloured metal frames, cantilever chairs from TINGO LIVING are an absolute eye-catcher in your living room.

Upholstered chairs with wooden frames - a classic

The great popularity of wood as a material for furniture of all kinds is unbroken. The natural material brings warmth and comfort into your home. For dining chairs, upholstered chairs with wooden legs are a very good choice.

TINGO LIVING also has attractive models for you in this area. Chairs with fabric covers in a coarse linen structure or shiny velvet and legs in white or dark-stained oak are both extremely comfortable and visually very appealing.

The homely-looking chairs are available both as a chair without armrests and as an armchair for your dining room. The warm colours, which range from ocean blue and light beige to elegant graphite grey, underline the cosy flair that the dining chairs exude.

With these classics among the dining chairs, you acquire maximum seating comfort and cosiness. Hardly anyone wants to get up from these optimally upholstered chairs.

Rattan chairs are light and stable

With rattan chairs, Mediterranean holiday flair easily comes into your four walls. The characteristic feature of rattan chairs is their light and airy wicker look. Although rattan is a very flexible and light material, chairs made of rattan are very robust and resistant.

Chairs made of real rattan blend harmoniously into the living area. The natural material has a cosy and warm effect. TINGO LIVING offers you the perfect complement to the dining table with an elaborately handcrafted armchair made of grey rattan. The already high seating comfort of the rattan chair is made even more comfortable by matching, cosy seat cushions.

Bar chairs - relaxed from the stool

Bar chairs are a special form of dining chair. A bar counter with bar stools may not be suitable for dining. But a refreshing drink and a small snack can hardly be enjoyed in an even more relaxed atmosphere.

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