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A living room without a cosy upholstered set is almost unthinkable. As the centrepiece of the living room furnishings, it invites you to relax like no other piece of furniture. A sofa is both a central meeting place for social gatherings with family or friends and a perfect retreat where you can relax while reading, listening to music or watching TV.

How do I find the right sofa?

The sofa design and the size of the piece of furniture should, on the one hand, suit your personal living style and lifestyle and, on the other hand, also meet your individual needs.

Take your time when choosing your new upholstered furniture. Get ideas in the brand area of TINGO LIVING on how to enrich your living room with the right sofa. The range of fashionable sofas extends from the XL sofa as a U-shaped sofa to the classic sofa as a two-seater. Of course, TINGO LIVING also has a large selection of high-quality upholstery covers made of different materials and in many colour directions ready for you.

Whether you prefer velvet or leather as the material for your new sofa and whether you prefer brown, grey or perhaps green as the colour for your sofa - the TINGO LIVING range will inspire you in every respect. Browse the online shop from the comfort of your own home. We are sure that you will find the piece of furniture that meets your requirements and that you will soon be able to call it your own.

The right sofa size for everyone

Which type of sofa you ultimately choose is not just a question of personal taste. Since not everyone has a spacious living room, the available space is an important and limiting factor when deciding whether the sofa can be a little more expansive or whether it has to be small.

U-shaped sofas - ideal for social gatherings

Maybe you dream of an XL sofa on which you can even make yourself comfortable with a large family or many friends. With the puzzle sofa - elements from TINGO LIVING, you can put together a cosy seating landscape depending on the size of your living space.

Get creative and put together a customised sofa from the various modules. For example, you can combine two-seater elements, one-seater elements and matching poufs to create a spacious U-shaped sofa. Let your imagination run wild when "jigsawing". You are sure to come up with many ideas on how you can make your sofa landscape the central feel-good centre of your living room and at the same time an attractive eye-catcher.

A sofa with chaise longue invites you to relax

If you have enough space available, a sofa with chaise longue could become the highlight of your living landscape. Combine the popular one or two-seater puzzle sofa elements with a puzzle sofa element chaise longue to create the sofa XXL.

Recamieres or chaise longues are absolutely in vogue. You can put your legs up on this cosy seating furniture, relax wonderfully and even take a little nap in between.

And if there are unexpected overnight visitors, a sofa with chaise longue is a welcome and quite suitable place to sleep. Extend the lying surface by placing a pouf at the end of the chaise longue. Then even slightly larger overnight guests can stretch out comfortably.

Corner sofas are the space savers

A corner sofa has an optimal ratio of seating space to required floor space. The classic corner sofa is an L-shaped sofa. The longer side of the sofa usually seats two to three people. The small extension offers additional seating options.

With a corner sofa, you can also make the best use of niches in the living room. To make the most of your space, you should consider carefully when buying whether you should align the longer side to the right or better to the left.

The stylish Curve sofas from TINGO LIVING are an absolute eye-catcher. With their semi-circular shape, they are an extravagant alternative to the classic corner sofa.

Two-seaters are real all-rounders

There is room for a two-seater almost everywhere. Whether as a solo piece of furniture in a smaller flat or, if you have a little more space, two two-seater sofas placed opposite each other or across a corner - this type of sofa is always a good choice.

If you need additional seating, non-poufs are a brilliant addition to the two-seater. The practical seat stools are quickly moved into position and are a good seating alternative when visitors have announced their arrival.

The classic sofa set

Notwithstanding the many sofa variants, the classic sofa set still enjoys great popularity. The traditional combination of a three-seater and one or two armchairs, or even a three-seater and a two-seater, blends harmoniously into almost any living room.

By the way: the individual pieces of furniture do not necessarily have to come from a series. A mix of styles and materials can be even more interesting!

Sofa with stool

Poufs are true all-rounders. The trendy stools are the perfect addition to your sofa. You can use the practical all-rounders not only as additional seating but also as an ingenious side table.

Poufs cut a particularly good figure as an extension of your sofa. When you make yourself comfortable on your cosy sofa after a hard day and rest your legs on the pouf in front of it, you will experience pure relaxation. TINGO LIVING makes it possible with a selection of chic poufs.

Sofas for sleeping - ingenious for overnight visitors

Not everyone has a separate guest room with a guest bed. Sofas that can be converted into a sleeping area in a few simple steps are therefore ideal when overnight visitors are announced.

TINGO LIVING has the perfect solution for you here too. The wonderfully comfortable SOMA sofa with sleep function is not only a chic eye-catcher in your living room. In the twinkling of an eye, it transforms into a fully-fledged and comfortable place to sleep in the evening, where your guests will feel right at home.

It's all about the right upholstery

No matter how stylish the sofa looks. It only becomes a favourite piece when you can sit on it comfortably. The sofas from TINGO LIVING have a cold foam core with additional down padding. With TINGO LIVING, chic design and maximum seating comfort form the perfect symbiosis.

High-quality covers in attractive colours for the final finish

Once you have decided on a type of sofa, you are then spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the right cover. The material and colour scheme are the icing on the cake. The trend materials are leather and velvet in warm colours.

Leather sofas not only look elegant. They are also very robust and easy to clean. The chic sofas from TINGI LIVING are available with covers made of nubuck leather as well as matt wax leather. Coordinate the colour of the covers with the rest of your ambience. Slate, taupe, tobbacco brown or light clay look particularly attractive as colours.

The queen of fabrics is and remains velvet. The pleasant feel on the skin and the delicate shimmer make this material so popular. A velvet sofa in green or a velvet sofa in grey, for example, looks very stylish. But grey is not just grey. At TINGO LIVING, grey velvet sofas are available in trendy slate, graphite or stone grey. The choice is yours.

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