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Stools are simply ingenious. The versatile all-rounders are not only an additional comfortable seat when unexpected visitors arrive. Even if you need a side table to deposit drinks or snacks instead of another seat, a stool - possibly with a tray - proves to be a suitable "helper in need". If you just want to relax after a hard day's work, a stool provides valuable services as a storage for your legs. Try it out. You'll see - it's pure relaxation.

The right stool for every area

Stools are not all the same. The spectrum ranges from cosy upholstered stools for the living room to leather seating cubes and rustic wooden stools that are also suitable for outdoor use.

Which stool is the most suitable for you personally depends first of all on the purpose and area of use. Furthermore, the decision depends on your own preferences and your individual style of living.

What material are stools made of?

In the past, stools, also known as footstools, were simple in design and mostly made of plain wood. The practical use of the stool was clearly in the foreground. Nowadays, stools are available in a wide variety of materials and with numerous covers. There are hardly any wishes left unfulfilled.

Stools are still very popular among users as a practical piece of furniture because of their versatile uses. But increasingly, living room stools no longer disappear into a hidden niche after use. Instead, the sometimes extravagant and decorative models are skilfully placed and staged in the room as a welcome eye-catcher.

Upholstered stools are very popular as the ideal complement or rounding off of a living room landscape. Here, stools with an elegant, shiny velvet cover exude a particularly cosy feel.

Stools with a cover made of high-quality leather or imitation leather look very stylish and elegant. A positive side effect of leather stools is that they are easy to clean. Stools often function as storage tables. How quickly does a glass tip over in a careless movement? No problem! Leather can be wiped clean quickly and easily with a damp cloth, and the mishap is remedied in no time at all.

Wood has always been a sought-after material for stools. Either only the legs are made of wood and covered with upholstery or leather, or the stool is made entirely of wood.

More and more users are attaching importance to particularly high quality when buying furniture. Stools made of acacia wood, oak wood or teak wood are characterised by their longevity on the one hand, and on the other hand, they turn the practical small piece of furniture into a decorative eye-catcher.

Metal frames are also frequently in demand. Stools with a metal frame look very modern and rather minimalist. The seat upholstery adds that certain something. A combination with leather or imitation leather looks very elegant. Anyone who prefers unobtrusive elegance will be delighted with these stools.

Tip: Stools made of rattan weave also look chic. The material is both practical and decorative and, as an all-rounder, also goes very well with many furnishing styles.

What shapes are available?

Round, square or rectangular - there is almost nothing that doesn't exist. Are you still missing a cosy seat for your living room or are you looking for a particularly unusual piece? We will be happy to advise you!

Poufs - the epitome of cosiness and flexibility

The mostly round, compact seat cushions are simply terrific as a home accessory. The small stools now come in various shapes, sizes and colours.

The ideal place for a pouf is next to or in front of the sofa. When visitors come, the additional seat is ready and waiting right next to the seating area. When relaxing, the pouf can be quickly used to put your legs up. And with a tray, the pouf becomes a practical side table.

An arrangement of several poufs looks chic. This way, you can create an atmospheric feel-good zone in a corner of the room together with a few other decorative objects or plants and give your living space a special flair.

Tip: Do not place two or four poufs next to each other, but three or five. An even number of poufs does not look as harmonious as an odd number.

Let your creativity run wild. Poufs can be harmoniously integrated into a seating landscape or become a special eye-catcher.

The chic poufs by TINGO LIVING made of noble shiny velvet or elegant leather look particularly decorative. These stylish poufs are available in different seat heights and guarantee maximum seating comfort.

Bean bags - islands of relaxation

Cosy beanbags are the ideal retreat for relaxing. The flexible core adapts optimally to the body and thus contributes significantly to comfort.

TINGO LIVING has both a chic leather pouf and a model made of pleasantly soft velvet ready for you. With a diameter of 80 cm and a seat height of 40 cm, the beanbags are ideal for both enjoyable relaxation and as additional seating. These seat cushions have the potential to become your favourite piece of furniture.

Solid wood stools - a piece of nature

Natural furniture is also absolutely trendy when it comes to stools. TINGO LIVING also has exceptional products for you in this area.

For example, the black lacquered and sealed stool made from one piece of teak root is a unique one-off. Nature lovers who appreciate the extravagant will be thrilled by this teak stool in heavy, solid quality.

The wooden stool turned from one piece of acacia wood and looking like a tree trunk also exudes natural charm. The white exterior lacquer gives the sturdy stool, which can be used both as a seat and as a side table, a very special touch.

Bar stools are totally cool

In the party cellar, in the kitchen or in the living area - a counter with bar stools always creates a relaxed, casual atmosphere. The bar stools from TINGO LIVING not only look really good... They also convince with a pleasant seating feeling!

Whether you choose a bar stool made of recycled teak or a bar stool with an oak frame and leather seat or a bar stool with a metal frame and leather seat - all models are absolute eye-catchers.

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