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Lounge furniture & sets

When the first rays of sun warm the air, life increasingly takes place outdoors again. If you have a garden or a balcony, you can enjoy a second living room in the green during the summer months. The fresh air is a wonderful place to relax. Balmy summer evenings are predestined for celebrating parties with friends or sitting together in convivial company. Of course, you need cosy garden furniture to enjoy the outdoors. The extremely comfortable sofas and armchairs designed for the outdoor area invite you to relax in the greenery.

What is lounge furniture?

Lounge furniture is particularly expansive garden furniture. You could describe it as living room furniture for the outdoor area. With a lounge sofa or lounge chair in the garden, you can create an extremely cosy seating area on the terrace or balcony.

The floor-level seating surfaces of the outdoor lounge furniture, together with the soft and sometimes voluminous seat cushions, offer maximum sitting or even reclining comfort. Low lounge tables are the perfect complement.

What is included in a lounge furniture set?

Whoever wants to set up a lounge in the garden should take a look at the extensive range of lounge furniture sets. The advantage of a lounge furniture set is that all parts are perfectly coordinated.

A lounge furniture set consists of several pieces that fit together perfectly in terms of size, material and style. You don't have to painstakingly put together individual parts and don't run the risk that everything might not look harmonious in the end.

Depending on the space available, there are different sets. For example, a set can consist of two small sofas or a sofa and one or more armchairs. Of course, a matching table should not be missing.

A lounge corner in the garden or on the balcony creates a holiday flair

Lounge furniture brings back holiday memories. Bring a bit of that holiday feeling to your balcony or terrace.

Even if the space available on a balcony is rather limited, a small oasis of well-being can still be set up there. For a compact two-seater for relaxing as a couple or for an armchair with a footstool for relaxing alone, there is usually a small place on a balcony.

Lounge furniture with storage space under the seat is particularly practical. Seat cushions can be stored there to save space.

Two small lounge sofas placed opposite each other are perfect for a communicative round on a not too large terrace. Between them, there is still room for a small table on which you can place snacks, drinks and an atmospheric lantern, for example.

Whoever has a large garden can draw from the full range when furnishing the green living room. Living areas with large sofas, several armchairs and stools invite you to get together with family and friends. The matching table can also be correspondingly larger.

Lounge beds are ideal for chilling out or taking a nap. The comfortable cushions are perfect for lying down and relaxing.

Which material is suitable for lounge furniture?

Whether you choose lounge furniture made of aluminium or stainless steel, a rattan lounge or a wooden garden lounge is ultimately up to your taste. All materials are weatherproof and can therefore be recommended without reservation.

Lounge furniture made of aluminium or stainless steel looks modern, yet not cool. Last but not least, cosy seat cushions and pillows ensure a comfortable look.

Lounge furniture made of steel or aluminium is often powder-coated. The frame coated in this way does not rust and also shines beautifully when the sunlight falls on it.

Lounge furniture made of polyrattan provides a homely ambience. This material is an artificial wickerwork made of polyethylene.

Polyrattan not only looks chic. It is also robust and extremely easy to care for.

Lounge furniture made of polyrattan can even be left outside for the winter in sub-zero temperatures. And it is also very easy to care for.

For in-between use, it is sufficient to wipe the lounge furniture with a cloth dipped in a mixture of water and washing-up liquid. Coarse dirt can easily be sprayed off with a garden hose.

You can clean your rattan furniture particularly thoroughly with a special plastic cleaner. However, this is only necessary from time to time.

If you prefer wood as the material for your garden furniture, you should choose durable and visually appealing teak. Take a look at the fleur ami online shop. There you will find a range of stylish lounge furniture made of high-quality teak that meets all your requirements.

Teak - the elegant classic

Wood has always been extremely popular as a material for furnishings, both indoors and outdoors. When it comes to lounge furniture, teak is the classic par excellence.

Lounge furniture made of teak is the epitome of simple elegance. At fleur ami, you can discover teak lounge furniture that combines functionality with stylish design.

The matching cushions made of quick-drying outdoor foam ensure cosy seating comfort. To ensure that neither rain nor sun can harm the covers, they are made of UV-resistant and water- and dirt-repellent material. There is a matching flat, square side table.

Place the two-seaters opposite each other or, if there is enough space, side by side. Two two-seaters then become a spacious four-seater.

Do you need even more seating space for you and your guests? Then you can expand your living landscape with chic lounge chairs and lounge stools. Now there really is nothing standing in the way of the next garden party in terms of seating.

For nostalgia lovers, the attractive lounge furniture is also available in vintage grey. Of course, there are colour-coordinated cushions to match.

Even cosier with pretty decorative cushions. The cosy cushions, harmoniously colour-coordinated with the furniture and seat upholstery, are the absolute highlight in terms of comfort.

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