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Farn Kunstpflanze, 90 cm

Item number: 23570

Handcrafted version of a classic fern from fleur ami. Impressive 90cm height makes this plant, which is found all over the world, a realistic looking and easy to care for alternative to the natural model.

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Material Info & Features

Product description

The classic fern, a timeless beauty of the plant world, captivates with its unique botanical properties. This plant, which is found in different parts of the world, fascinates by:

Farmer fronds: The characteristic filigree leaves of the classic fern, also known as "fronds", are truly eye-catching. Their delicate green foliage provides a pleasing visual texture.

Leaf Structure: The leaf structure of the classic fern is a true masterpiece of nature. The fine, fan-like leaves are perfectly arranged, giving the plant an elegant appearance.

If you want to incorporate the timeless beauty of the classic fern into your home or office without having to worry about maintenance, our artificial version in a height of 90 cm is the ideal choice. This high-quality crafted artificial plant charms with its lifelike replica of the botanical features of the classic fern. The advantages are obvious:

. No maintenance required: Our artificial plant does not require water or sunlight. It will stay fresh and bright green all year round without you having to worry about watering or light conditions.

Longevity: Unlike natural plants, our artificial variety stays in perfect condition without wilting or fading. It will retain its beauty for many years.

Flexible to use: Whether in a living room, office, waiting room or store, the classic artificial fern will blend seamlessly into any environment, adding a refreshing, natural touch.

Experience the timeless elegance of the classic fern in your environment, without the hassle of maintenance. Our 90cm artificial version offers the perfect balance of natural beauty and effortless maintenance. Enjoy the calming presence of this artificial plant as it elegantly enhances your space.

More product details

Item name: Farn
Function: Artificial plant
Color designation: green
Ø diameter: 41 cm
Height: 90 cm
Pot width: 16 cm
Pot height: 16 cm
Number of sheets: 579
Weight: 4.1 kg

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